The sustained reduction benefits the sideline will also be a target of it?

The new coronavirus by a decrease in revenue as a measure hammered out for the sustained reduction benefits. Sole proprietor and freelance it was the subject of a sideline, who are also included in this wonder. In this article,the sustained reduction benefits to sideline a person from the point of view of some.

【Here】METI, the National 400 locations in the sustained reduction benefit to support the venue

■The sideline who sustained reduction the benefit which is the subject of the

5 month 22 days, the government is the sustained reduction of benefits, subject to miscellaneous income as the tax return as a freelancer, and we most start-up companies to add announced.

The sole proprietorship is concerned, the tax return when business income tax return if you had only, however,this announcement is in addition to this”miscellaneous income”and”salaried”in the sustained reduction benefit applications has become possible. That is, the sideline who the new target was.

The sustained reduction benefits of the registration is 5 Months 1 day from the start. New subject, about 6 km from applying for admission is going to start. The sustained reduction benefits of the standards are basically”in 2019, compared with the same period of the previous year, compared with more than 50% income fell on you”has become,in 2020 from business start-up for cases on the subject that have been added.

Sideline reporters and even good news was,10 million yen will benefit the special flat-rate benefit is different point too. It is a special flat-rate benefits are”tax free”whereas the sustained reduction benefits are”taxable”and to the point. The sustained reduction benefits, the new corona virus due to the influence of the decrease in revenue of the compensation and benefits to. Therefore, the”income of the compensation [part]”even,taxable and.

■Benefits of the”maximum”is 100 million yen

The sustained reduction benefits of specific formula,”in 2019, the annual business income”from”eligible on income×12″minus to. This”subject month”is,compared to the same month the previous year in more than 50% of the income is reduced on this. The time period is 2020 Years 1 month and 12 months, and may be arbitrarily selected. White return if,in 2019 the average monthly salary and the target on and compare to.

Or a sole proprietorship, subject to the benefit amount that will be about is not necessarily 100 million yen and is not limited to,”up to”100 million yen that also requires attention. The sustained reduction benefits are taxable, the amount depending on the next year tax return tax liability if you could increase that. For calculation of”revenue”by”profit”is not. Therefore a surplus in the deficit even apply for is possible.

Tax return the presence or absence of the application of the decision involved. Sideline those who practice reach out, even if you have not miscellaneous income and salary income in tax return to see if the sustained reduction of benefits benefits to receive. Apply for benefits from it is usually 2 weeks and have been applying for a lot of, and examination by, the benefit for up to 3 weeks or longer. the case is not unusual and. As soon as possible to receive benefits in advance and required documents and review the application documents deficiencies in this would be important. [Article: Nishijima, TakeshiThe article list to look at]

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