The swirling of the galaxy formation process,a flying Observatory reveals NASA

We live in the Milky Way galaxy is a vortex forming galaxies only. Oval or rod-shaped galaxies such as the present,spiral galaxy formation process remain shrouded in mystery. The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA], the Milky Way and another spiral galaxy to observe the games and as that.

【Here】The Galaxy Young is in form from the galaxy, the evolution of dogma to disprove Ehime University, such as research

■Swirls that cause the magnetic field

From the center of the spiral arms is the surrounding like The Shape of a spiral galaxy is. This observation was the subject of the Milky Way galaxy, a larger spiral galaxies only. As they sit in the direction of 4,700 million light-years away in spiral galaxy M77 is in the center of the Milky Way 2 times the mass of one there is a huge galaxy.

A spiral galaxy the center of the surrounding spiral arms, the dust and gas are compact. Therefore the spiral arms, the”Star Burst”is called,stellar in a short period of time a large amount of birth, a phenomenon that is occurring. A NASA research group, the spiral arms in the dust and gas and stars observed in the galaxy formation process were determined.

Of the galaxy formation process in a magnetic field is involved in the … But the magnetic field is visible in the observed, for example,high energy particles radiated from the light or signal is inhibited by and that there were difficulties.

■Flying Observatory magnetic field reveal

The research group of the magnetic field observations on the use of Far-Infrared Stratospheric Observatory [SOFIA]yet. Boeing 747SP to reflector telescope with SOFIA, the stratospheric flight for the infrared observations of the inhibiting effects of the atmosphere can be reduced.

For SOFIA, the far-infrared to high performance and that”HAWC+”is mounted. Thus, the M77 area of the magnetic field perpendicular to the lined dust of appearance is observed,the magnetic field of the orientation and shape inference is made possible.

NASA reported, according to the magnetic field in spiral arms along with. This fact, in the center of the Galaxy surrounding the”arms”of why the spiral of describing the”density wave theory”to support. The density wave theory, according to fan of waves like the spiral arms in the dust and gas,stars the effect of gravity in the conveyor belt so that the arms move along with.

Arm-long, 2 million, 4,000 light years extends to and. This is the galaxies produce gravity and magnetic field compression which means that.

“Spiral arms in the stellar birth place, the large-scale magnetic field is lined observed for the first time this morning.”, the SOFIA Science Center scientists Enrique Lopez=Rodriguez speak.

Details of the study, the US Astrophysics journal Astrophysical Journal have been published. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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