The taste of Champon Cup Noodles from Miyazaki's famous restaurant "Aji no Ogura" is so delicious! Get it as soon as you find it at the Famima in Miyazaki and Kagoshima

Speaking of "Ogura" in Miyazaki prefecture, chicken Nanban is famous. It is a popular Western restaurant so that not only locals but also tourists can visit it. Not that "Ogura" chicken nanban …ChampongIt is said that it is sold as a cup noodle at Famima in Miyazaki and Kagoshima. Jampong was also famous.

And it's so popular that it sells out very quickly every year. Then it may be difficult to find. Though I thought so, when I went to Miyazaki the other day, I stopped by Family Mart …there were. On the contrary, it was sold so much so I decided to buy it.

・ Taste of Ogura Champon

That said, the information "popular enough to sell out in a flash" is not a lie. Because it was not sold except for the first Famima I visited. Maybe "Ogura Champon[¥ 298] "may have been lucky.

By the way, Minamikyushu FamilyMart and Acecock have jointly developed cup noodles under the supervision of Aji no Ogura. The package also includes a reprint of "Miyazaki's Kernel Sanders" or "Ogura's Uncle", which is familiar with cook hats and round glasses.

・ Two sachets

When I opened the lid, I saw two bags of freeze-dried vegetables, powdered soup and liquid soup. Noteworthy are the two bags.Both have vegetables in bread breadTherefore, it seems that you can enjoy the "feeling of ingredients" unique to Champon.

Immediately, put 2 bags and powdered soup in a cup, pour boiling water and wait 5 minutes. Oh, oh ~It's full of vegetables. Good. and……

Add the liquid soup warmed on the lid and mix it …Completion of Ogura Champon!優 The gentle scent that floats softly no longer helps. This can be expected!

So when I try to eat it … oh, this is truedelicious. Rich and mild pork bone-based soup and plenty of vegetables are often entangled with crisp champon noodles. Each bite has a deep, gentle flavor that fills your mouth. I like the instant noodles.

After all,Plenty of ingredients are correct. This is because it looks gorgeous and you can enjoy the texture. Excellent compatibility with rich soup. I guess it can be said that cup noodles are quite complete. It's a satisfying quality that many people look forward to every year.

・ Recommended for souvenirs

If you're so delicious with cup noodles, you'll want to try the "real" ones, but that's the next opportunity. I think it is ant to buy souvenirs in Miyazaki and Kagoshima, so if you find them in Famima in both prefectures, I recommend getting them immediately. It was really pretty amazing.

Reference links:Ajigura Champon

Report:Masanori Sunako

Photo: RocketNews24.

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