The temperature difference power-generating wearable battery Nagoya such as the performance of conditions on derived

Nagoya is 17, the”conductive polymer”referred to Electric to flow the plastic, the optimum thermoelectric conversion performance led and published. The human body as a heat source for a wearable device to power supply is possible as a material,you can expect that.

【Here】Lithium-ion batteries to solve the problem is? Next generation batteries and the latest Power IC also noted

■Power possible wearable battery to achieve a conductive polymer

The conductive polymer has an electrical current can be plastic only. The conductive polymer of the discovery and contributed to the development and,in 2000, Hideki Shirakawa, Mr. Nobel Prize in chemistry winner. For mobile phone battery and capacitor used to our way of life that pervades.

The conductive polymer is lightweight, inexpensive and flexible nature. Human body to less toxic and fabrication of the thin film from the ease of human body temperature and the outside air temperature and the difference between the power from the wearable battery construction.

Polymeric materials, many of the power generation performance is low, performance may become an issue. The only polymeric material present in the disordered structure there are a large number of electrical conduction that would hinder. Therefore the optimum power generation performance and conditions of the existing theory determined from without,the development of fault and was.

■Conductive polymer to the metal in a state close to

Nagoya University, Hokkaido University, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and technology [AIST] researchers group focused, high structural order, showing the polymeric material only. The polymer in the positive and negative charges can be introduced,the nature of the material to precisely control the way it was heading.

“Peltier element”is called, the current temperature can be controlled semiconductor element using the temperature difference can be induced in the electrical conductivity characteristics such as the same material is changed,can be observed in the system. The study group is the same system, using a polymer of an electronic state to the metal state control to be successful,the power generation performance up to that found.

The research group,this achievement is a high power performance, flexible materials and device development will lead to and excited about.

Details of the study, the U.S. online science journal Science Advances for 15 days listed. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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