The throwing video of Ichiro, who will be the opening ceremony, will be released.

Ichiro! Ichiro!年 One year has passed since the retirement of the entire Tokyo Dome. Currently, Ichiro is a special assistant and instructor with the chairman of Seattle Mariners. Last year, the news of the appearance of playing baseball on grass was new, but the news that fans were happy about jumped in.

It was announced that the opening ceremony will be held at the opening game with Texas Rangers at the home T-Mobile Park on March 26 [Japan Time 27]. Pitcher Ichiro again!

・ Pitcher Ichiro again

Speaking of Mr. Ichiro, there is a throw like a laser beam and the image of the light is strong. However, he has also been a pitcher on the stage of Aiko Damei High School, professional baseball [all-star match], and any major league. In 2015,MAX143 kgBeating out.

About four years since then. It is well known that the body does not feel weak even after retirement, but how many balls can be thrown. At that point, the official Twitter of Seattle Mariners was posting a video of Ichiro's pitch. So, throw this lightly but the ball is sharp. And most of all, every time you throw it, the uniform number "51" that can be seen glaringly collects. The reaction of the net to the opening ceremony is …

・ Net reaction

"Ichiro's opening ceremony is amazing! W"
"I saw Ichiro's opening ceremony too much!"
"It's really warm and warm."
"Ichiro, let's start with the opening ceremony in the opening game"
"Mr. Ichiro, aren't you? You start from the outfield, not from the mound, right?"
"Ichiro's opening ceremony, I thought for a moment that it would be good to go from light to back home."

And the voice of rejoicing one after another. Also, let alone the voice I'm looking forward to,I want you to start the ceremony with a back bomb from the outfieldThere were many comments.

・ What's the reaction of Ichimeter "Amy"?

Another thing to worry about is Amy Franz, a big fan of Ichiro and the creator of the Ichimeter. When I looked into her Twitter, there was a post by Ichiro Aikai, but at the moment she did not mention the opening ceremony. Anyway, shortly before the opening ceremony, which attracts attention from Japan and the United States. I'm looking forward from now.

Source: Twitter @Mariners,@ichimeterlady

writing:Harada Takashi

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