The Tokyo Olympics will open July 23 next year, and the closing ceremony will be coordinated 8.8

The Tokyo Organizing Committee, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and the government will hold an opening ceremony on July 23, 2009 and a closing ceremony on August 8 for the Tokyo Olympics [Olympic Games], which was postponed due to the worldwide spread of the new coronavirus. An interview with officials at the tournament revealed that it had decided to do so.

After final coordination with the International Olympic Committee [IOC], a formal decision will be made later this week. At the same time as the initial plan, the operation plan that has been built can be followed. The reason is that the time for the end of the new corona and the qualifying period for each event can be secured.

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The postponement plan, which was the first in the history of the Olympics, is likely to be settled by delaying the whole year. Some respondents called for the next spring to take measures against the heat, but next summer was deemed appropriate to allow as much time as possible to end the new corona.

By shifting the schedule of opening this July 24 and closing August 9 this year to the next year, it was also a great advantage that the competition schedule completed over the past several years could be used in the same way. The recent Olympics lasted 17 days including the opening ceremony. It usually starts on Friday and closes on the third Sunday of the tournament.

The Organizing Committee has been in consultation with the International Sports Federations for many years, and has carefully adjusted the balance of the competition schedule, including medal sessions and gender. A source said, "I've been balancing for years. Moving one will affect everything and it's a pretty tough job."

Also consider that during summer vacation in Japan, students can easily engage in volunteer activities. Children can watch competitions during the summer vacation during the day.

The torch relay also took into account the advantage of being able to operate on a 121-day schedule without changing the plan. Torch relay for about 4 months. In the spring, the start may slip into a busy New Year. If the new coronavirus had not ceased next winter, there was a risk that the audience would have to be considered again or reduced.

With the opening ceremony on July 23, 21, the torch relay departure ceremony at J Village in Fukushima is expected to be March 25, 21 days ahead of schedule this year.

According to officials, even if the schedule is postponed next summer, it is necessary to make holidays the day before the opening ceremony and the day after the closing ceremony from the viewpoint of transportation. Under the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Special Measures Law revised in 2018, sea days, mountain days, sports days and holidays will be moved before and after the opening and closing ceremony only for 20 years, but this will be moved next year We will consider that.

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