The track and field tournament that broke the Japanese record last year will be held as planned

The tournament, which became a hot topic with a large number of Japanese records, will be held again this year. The Fukui Rikukyo Co., Ltd. announced on 22nd that it will hold "Night Games in Fukui" on August 29th as scheduled.

The event was at risk due to the new coronavirus, but according to the guidelines for restarting the competition announced by the Japan Land Federation, thorough prevention of infection will be held.

Continuing from the first year, the Fukui prefectural athletics stadium, which is known as the place where Yoshihide Kiryu [24 = Nippon Life] put out the 9 seconds for the Japanese for the first time at 100 meters for the men, is set. The area that is nicknamed "9.98 Stadium" often has a moderate tailwind that blows through the stadium from summer to autumn. The more the people in the prefecture describe it as a "crazy stadium," the better the condition will be.

Last year was a long jump for a boy, and Yuki Hashioka [21 = Nihon University] jumped 8 meters 32 [tail wind 1.6 meters], setting a new Japanese record of 7 cm for the first time in 27 years. Just 40 minutes after the feat, Shotaro Shiroyama [25 = Zenrin] was surprised by a big jump of 8 meters 40 [tail wind 1.5 meters] of the Olympic gold medal class. In the 110-meter obstacle for boys, Shunno Takayama [25 = Zenrin] marked 13 seconds 25 [tail wind 1.1 meters], which updated his Japanese record with 0 seconds 05. Asuka Terada [30 = Pasona Group], who has a 100-meter obstacle for women, was also putting out 13 seconds 00 [a tail wind of 1.4 meters], which was in line with the Japanese record at that time. Other events such as men's 100 meters and 200 meters continued to record good records. Originally, it was attracting attention as a tournament to collect prize money and operating expenses by crowdfunding, but it was talked about with a further super record rush. It was a "legendary night".

Although it does not qualify for the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics] or the world ranking, it is officially recognized by the Japanese record. It is highly possible that many top players will compete before the Japan Championship [Niigata] from October 1st to 3rd. Also, a ridiculous record may "bomb".

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