The traditional ratio of 5 times in the red light emission level of the molecular development of graduate

Display and lighting equipment such as used in light emitters. Hokkaido University is 14 days, rather than 5 times in the red light emission level of the molecule in the successful development of announced.

【Here】North,heating and instantaneous to about 2000 times the hardness of the material to develop

■Light emitter applied to the

Energy is light converted to a substance that is,the phosphor of such light emitter only. Among them, in the electronics industry for many years have been used of the inorganic material using a phosphor only. On the other hand, an organic EL [electroluminescence], as represented by the organic material utilizing the emitters of attention.

Hokkaido University Research Group,”Rees molecules called”organic molecules and Rees[rare earth]consists of emitters that technology. Neodymium and yttrium and other rare earth in the organic molecule a rare earth complex, the red and green and other bright emission will,research just.

■Nano-carbon using level emitters

Research group,nano-carbon structure is the introduction of a new level of molecular development. Carbon nanotubes and graphene, such as fine carbon substances which is the Nano-Carbon is strong, light,electricity and heat through and. Therefore, this characteristic material is generated.

Level of the molecule to emit light for a blue LED irradiation need,Nano-Carbon is the blue light gather of the antenna serve as.

The research group, according to the new nano-carbon structure was introduced level of the molecule is above 300 ° F heat for durability, and an LED device mounted yet. Also the new Nano-Carbon is the blue light is condensed,the energy efficiency level can be passed on to the new level of the molecules is the conventional ratio of 5 times or more the light emitting efficiency.

In the future, the new level of the molecule, the demand for industry-academia collaboration between those in the various fields of application to a goal.

Details of studies Communications Chemistry journal of 3 October published on. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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