The U.S. and China from doing the same? The WHO General Assembly in XI Jinping speech, Trump warning letter(2)[ChinaissuesGlobalInstitute】

*15:23JST us from doing the same? The WHO General Assembly in XI Jinping speech, Trump warning letter[2][ChinaissuesGlobalInstitute】

◇The following, Endo honor, Director of the Institute for consideration”in the U.S. from doing the same? The WHO General Assembly in XI Jinping speech, Trump warning letter [1] 【China issues Global Institute】”a continuation of that.

Corona and the fight against”the virus has no borders”, as the corona occurs from the front to upheld this”mankind is in the same boat”philosophy is just how good, and XI Jinping is all in the propaganda you’ve been. Corona suffer in developing countries on medical relief supplies and sent medical teams dispatched as”XI Jinping’s greatness”and”mankind is in the same boat the legitimacy of”advertise more to the cause.

The NPC held on,actually within China and XI Jinping’s position is weak.

1 month 24 date column [※2] and 2 on 10 November column<新型肺炎 since,why Li Keqiang XI Jinping and stand out of it?> [※3] or 3 month 18 date column < China why is the corona a big spread out of it?> [※4], especially 5 on 2 date columns [※5] is written as,XI Jinping’s China position is very”good”for you.

So the Chinese government on critical 民主活動家 of speech to force-out all China one after another to the activists and detained. People’s opinion is afraid of.

Therefore, WHO is XI Jinping stood out in the form of speech that, in fact, the Chinese people to be able to see. “I, I said”humanity is in the same boat”with the diplomatic strategy was right, right? I’m great, right?” And the people just can’t stand for that.

And, of course, 5 month 14 date column[※6] wrote about the Japanese yen in the”1 Kyo[only]yen” Beyond the corona damages in relation to the world 8 countries related organizations from being charged of anything, and even international public opinion to the Chinese side in favor attracts like and so.

◆Within 30 days of improvement and contribution to the stop the the WHO to withdraw and suggested that Trump’s letter
Trump is the WHO General Assembly held during the process, addressed a letter to say your article is as amazing. Its outline is

You [the dross]and WHO by repeated failures, the world is extremely big price to pay for this is obvious.
Moving forward, the only way you can, China is independent from the figure shown here.
WHO and the future within 30 days,a substantial improvement with only a few, America is funding to permanently stop member to re-examine.
The last”member to reconsider”or”withdraw”and said equal to.

This is the American favor it?

The WHO member countries that account for much of the developing countries,”developing countries to help that country”to cheer me. Unfortunately, it is”humanity’s common destiny”, claiming to help developing countries to 20 billion dollars to spend and declared that”the Chinese”make.

In that sense, the playing of this”money by threatening strategy”in the future of world hegemony, in the sense that it is not wise. More strategic if America fail.

Trump is Chinese and WHO pursue the responsibility of the claim is indeed correct.

1 to May 31 column[※7] wrote in as bad of XI Jinping’s sanctum, and the Ethiopians in the XI Jinping to 忖度 [in Ethiopia is the maximum investment the country is China].

Not all mankind is XI Jinping, and WHO prevent from the corona of the calamity of suffering.

Just how sinful doing this.

Death, shall make amends by penance can a felony they have committed to.

Is this the only claim to focus on it,all mankind is Trump support,Trump applause would send.

But he did not.

WHO XI Jinping is in control and can move in the lateral direction have. It is a pity not.

4 month 19 date column[※8] is written as,XI Jinping’s aim is”the United Nations and its associated agencies take”you.

That XI Jinping will delight in the event that a all would.

◆WHO can organize inspection team to XI Jinping agreed
The WHO General Assembly on the last day of the 19th, Corona infections support,independent verification of the implementation of the work such as the WHO seek to the draft resolution adopted. Japan and the EU, such as submitted. China also joint proposal, in addition to was over,American families and not.

XI Jinping is in Australia proposed by the corona related to an independent inspection team dispatched to the opposition, and WHO organize inspection team dispatched to support you.

The aforementioned 5 on 15 the date column[※9] wrote about Australia’s proposed options in consultation with it is made, and the Chinese against Corona for compensation line. So China is in retaliation from Australia beef imports stopped.

But WHO is the organization that the team characteristics of the there are two.

The purpose of the survey is to”reduce the risk of relapse for”in.
The purpose of the investigation [China Post] the liability is not performed.
The two draft resolutions embodied in the notice no…….. So China is in favor of the United States is in favor of was.

This crucial part of overlook,the EU and Russia can agree on Times, The Ring of encirclement directed against China is formed and rejoice is not right.

But the investigation is”infection after Convergence”has become. From the beginning, speech at the Chinese people’s good and I find this was XI Jinping as soon as the investigation into these”achievements”are ruined, or infection of the second wave is coming very wary as China is currently still the infection is spread from other countries – “the virus to those who have” The country may not want to prevent speculation if there would be.

More than,too long, the Taiwan of the WHO General Assembly observers to participate did not allow this and with regard to today, American announced 対中戦略 policy, with separate consideration want.

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