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Geothermal energy is probably underestimated. The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced”GeoVision“According to the report,wind, solar, hydro energy as well as geothermal energy should take advantage of that. According to the report,exploration and drilling technology improvement by conventional hydrothermal resources for power generation amount to 2 times to increase from deep underground hot rocks to take advantageEnhanced geothermal systemsIs room for growth as there that.

Enhanced geothermal system only by 2050 year 45 gigawatts of power production possible. From General plant to a geothermal system if you add the year, 60 gigawatts at the can be increased. This is the current geothermal power generation of 26 times, equivalent to as. Also, the future price of natural gas will rise, and enhanced geothermal systems become more competitive if the 2 times of 120 Giga watt power stretch possible. This is in the United States, it is projected that by 2050 the total amount of power generation of 16%to that.

24 hours stable power generation is that wind and solar and other renewable energy and merit of another, and the air for how to use has also been pointed out. TraditionalThe geothermal heat pumpBy 2050 this 14 times of 2800 households is expected to increase across the country, the demand for housing accounted for 23% it is estimated that. On the other hand investment efficiency and Land-Use Authorization system, such as improvement have also been pointed out [Ars Technica,ThinkGeoEnergy,Slashdot].

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