The United Auto Workers that the Big 2 weeks of the production stop to request new Corona measures

The United Auto Workers Union [UAW]is on the 17th [local time,same below],a new type of coronavirus, affected the next 2 weeks of the production stop to the GM, and FCA [Fiat・Chrysler], Ford Motor of the”big three”against the sought and announced. But the manufacturer side is to suspend production agreement is poised to see not.

【Here】The government expert Committee announced, based on the new Corona protracted by the automotive industry the impact of

The new coronavirus by a voluntary restraint in the whole world, which has spread from the United States automotive industry is also a big influence in that. It received a big three and the UAW is 15, the community system at the new corona virus a special team working together. However, in the current operation continues on the manufacturer side and the employees for the health of the refrain to insist on the UAW side, the confrontation is happening.

17 days to the Big Three, the UAW, and about 15 million of factory employees to 新型肺炎 of computer,automobile production scale of the shrink, or the factory work of the employees limit to the number of seeking in the conditions of the agreement were. 3 large manufacturers side as certain measures are subjected to the production activity continues as can be.

Agreement according to this virus as a measure of production facilities, the Director of the stop or in the factory such as a thorough cleaning,the employees at the contact avoidance consideration like that. Therefore, clerical and design, such as using a computer for work are the main employees to telecommute admits of the manufacture of vehicles involved in the factory employees to continue attendance for that situation.

UAW Rory・gambling representatives, rice 3 large manufacturers factory in 2 weeks of the production stop is properly claimed, and this is accepted unless the Union side as a move thought is also shown. A new type of coronavirus a global epidemic, the international automotive industry is also being impacted. But in the United States is antivirus to the idea of the difference from the rights of workers and economic activity of the mind to conflict is also in full swing, and the problem has worsened also considered.

Indoor in a factory that mass infection occurs, the employee not only external impact is also a concern that a shutdown of such large-scale economic activities stop, the manufacturer side of large losses and that. The new corona virus for which the answer is not visible the situation has continued.

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