The United States is Greenland you can buy from

Donald Trump President is from Denmark and Greenland to the purchase by the United States in the region to have shown willingness to andWSJ reportedAnd whereas Greenland is”Sale is not”asReturn(SeeCBS News Article(1), (2), BBC News article, Superb article).

Trump for President is serious or a joke from the contents of the report just in from the WSJ, according to Trump the President the seriousness of the degree is sometimes different, Greenland acquisition of the interest repeatedly expressed that. CBS News also Trump the President of the Greenland acquisition about the possibility of the entourage and the Presidential Legal Adviser to question the information obtained and to … Greenland is a US military base there,Trump is the President of Greenland’s strategic・military importance to pay attention to this.

On the other hand the Greenland Autonomous government of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greenland is resource rich, adventure tourism the new frontier by, and the business is doing is a sale andTweetsFor. In addition, Greenland/Denmark, politicians and journalists from the most repulsive of voices is out. Danish MPs Software Application・End percentage he is rather made California to the acquisition and joked, but The New Yorker magazine joke article”The Borowitz Report”is,By US acquisition plan(Lie)on that. Articles in Denmark, but throughout the United States, to the acquisition if the educational system and healthcare system can give you a huge land and great country it can be converted talks about that.

According to the US Greenland and the acquisition of the story in 1867, and in 1946 also,in 1946, President Truman is 1 billion dollars in Denmark presented the first establishment did not.

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