The United States stock market prospects:the US-China agreement good feeling for market deployment

*14:50JST the United States stock market prospects:the US-China agreement good feeling for market deployment
US-China trade negotiations is the first stage of the agreement reached on the 15th, the expected additional tariff measures to avoid the prospect that this was from a week of stock prices is the improvement in investor sentiment is reflected in the content and so. 17 in Dallas, Boston, New York Fed Governor, but each lecture will focus on.

The end of the year for tax savings purpose, including loss of confirmation increases the time that the note is necessary. In the United States stock trading by profit and loss total recognized and loss is large, even if the deduction is permitted over a certain amount to unlimited in the following year or later to be carried over, so it is possible. Especially in the YTD rate of decline in the larger stocks,illiquid stocks(small stocks)the most sold tend. Also wash・sale・rule provisions referred to there,once sold the same stocks within 30 days of the repurchase, the loss is not observed and there is a limit. Therefore, in the future repurchase intention, once sold, even if for a little while during the Buy-Back Guarantee factor.

On the other hand,1 on the effect called the market is, especially in the 12 mid-from 1 month to the stock rate is statistically high and this is known. The end of the year of the loss, confirmation of the rebound in large-cap stocks than small-cap stocks, but the effect is noticeable with this that small-and medium-sized stocks to consider investing in a good opportunity to become.

Individual companies, shipping company FedEx(17), a semiconductor, Micron Technology(18th), cruise liner operated by Carnival Corporation(the 19th),the restaurant chain of Darden Restaurants(the 19th),the food of the original・The Holiday Season(19 December), sports equipment Nike(19 days) As of the earnings announcement is scheduled. Nike 6-8 month period financial results, the women’s sports clothing sales is a big stretch. The North American business and further business expansion is the rise in stock prices hold the key to the future, women’s sports clothing sector is growing considerable,attention.

Economic indicators in the 12 March New York Fed Manufacturing Business Index(16 day), 12 October NAHB housing market index(16th),11 on housing starts and construction permits(17th),11 month existing home sales number(19 days), 11 on the economy the leading index(19 days), 7-9 September quarter GDP final value(20 days),11 October personal income and spending(20 days)such announcement is scheduled. 7-9 month GDP revised value, consumer spending in the expansion of you can confirm whether the focus would be.

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