The University of Tokyo,1 million years of submarine lava from the micro-cell organisms discovered life on Mars survival possibilities

University of Tokyo, 5 days in the South Pacific, reflux area of the seabed from drilling for basalt from the microbial cells found and announced. The Martian crust also the Basalt is buried because it is considered life is the survival possibility of analogy can provide important results…… great

【Here】On Mars, high concentrations of methane detected the presence of the organisms to prove from NASA spacecraft

■Life of the species was unknown basalt

The Earth’s crust, approximately 70%is in the oceans that exist. Oceanic crust at the top of the iron and magnesium contains a lot of”basalt”called igneous rocks is included. Basalt from the ocean floor erupted magma cools and solidifies is formed.

Basalt the presence of the bottom crust and the top is 1000 million years than previously considered to have been formed. Cooling previously, the seawater inside the life, the survival of Essential Energy were being fed.

But after cooling water circulation is weakened,the life energy required is extremely reduced. Also oceanic crust at the top of the Basalt and the sediments below the sleeping for sample collection is difficult as there was a problem. Therefore, the Basalt in the interior life is survival possible were not known.

■Life on Mars exists suggesting the possibility of discovery

Japan and the U.S. the initiative,from 2003 to 2013, the deep sea bottom drilling to the Earth’s internal structure to investigate the project was implemented.

Were drilling vessel”joint Video Resolution No.”by a depth of about 5,700 meters from the sea floor under the drilling, basalt survey. The University of Tokyo Research Group has developed,samples of rocks from microbes to visualize how to study for it. The results of the investigation,”layered silicate minerals called the”clay minerals within microorganisms, densely inhabited, it has been confirmed.

This discovery on Mars and the existence of extraterrestrial life possibilities by analogy to critical think. Mars’s crust at the top, 37 million years occurred before the volcanic activity is the cause of the Basalt is included. Also, 30 billion years ago on Mars from the surface of the water is lost underground is no liquid water is present.

Therefore, on Mars, extraterrestrial life exists, the possibility remains. Research group of the Earth’s oceanic crust at the top of your progress can,and take the expected.

Details of the study, the international journal Frontiers in Biol for 5 days listed. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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