The URL of the WEB site visited via the search engine is strange !?

When you access a web site via a search engine, do you see a domain name that is clearly different from the domain name of the site (ex. Mynavi is "mynavi.jp")? What is Google (google.co.jp)? If so, it will be due to "AMP".

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an initiative to accelerate the display of content promoted by Google and aims to improve the user experience by increasing the display speed on mobile devices such as smartphones.

Technically speaking, "AMP HTML", which enables high-speed display with limited use of some web page components such as HTML and JavaScript, caches web page data according to AMP specifications Operation rules such as "Google AMP Cache" for browsing are set, but for the viewer, "the data of the corresponding WEB site is stored on (Google) server" is very different.

Google caches AMP-compatible pages on its own server in advance and derives them from search results. When you search on Google, the AMP-compatible web page has a lightning bolt to the right of the page name. Since the data read is the data cached by Google, the domain name displayed in the URL bar is also Google's.

Since AMP-compatible web pages can be read lightly and quickly, there is the advantage that even web sites that are frequently accessed and congested can be accessed easily. According to Google's official blog, the display speed is 4 times the average and the data transfer volume is reduced to about 1/10 compared to the conventional WEB page.

However, there are disadvantages associated with the introduction of AMP, such as the fact that the website design side may be forced to change the page design, and it will be difficult to measure the behavior of the viewer (such as what content was viewed). .

  • The URL of the website visited via the search engine is strange !?

    Why do you intend to access My Navi News, but the URL is Google?

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