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The US and iPhone will immediately avoid additional tariffs. "An early Christmas gift from Trump to Apple"-Engadget Japan

This “4th Sanctions on China” is an additional tariff on Chinese products worth US $ 300 billion (about 33 trillion yen), targeting smartphones, notebook PCs and game consoles.Was postponed in AugustHowever, I think it ’s too late to be activated.

According to analysts at major securities company Wedbush Securities, if additional tariffs were implemented, the price of the iPhone may have risen by about $ 150 before the year-end shopping season. A note for investors states that "Trump gave Apple an early Christmas gift."

According to the analyst, if Apple did not raise the cost of additional tariffs, earnings per share for the next year were expected to decline by about 4%. Furthermore, if the iPhone price increases, the demand is expected to decrease by 6-8%.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been working with the Trump administration to avoid additional tariffs. FirstAnnouncement of employment expansion throughout the United StatesAttend the Labor Policy Advisory Committee (butYou can mistake the name "Tim Apple") AndMeeting with Mr. TrumpTo accompany the new Mac Pro factory (The mistake of remarks "opened today" is not correct)Such. There may be aspects of such efforts.

Taxes have already been imposed on desktop PCs and HomePods such as the Apple Watch, AirPods series, and iMac, but some of these may be reviewed. Bloomberg tells the source that it has also discussed reducing existing tariffs in the US-China trade negotiations.

Apple has been in the midst of the US-China trade war for the business model of “assembling products at a Chinese factory and exporting to the US”, but it may finally ease the suffering. Nonetheless, I don't know when the friction in the US will rekindle,The risk of declining birthrate and rising labor costs in China is expectedThe company's supply chain is likely to move its production base outside of China.

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