The US-China agreement on expectations of Higher received temporary 24000 yen approaching/after investment strategy

[The Nikkei・TOPIX [table]]

The Nikkei Stock Average;23994.59;+569.78 TOPIX;1741.28;+28.45

[After the investment]

15 to trigger the plan’s duties the 4th of postponement is equivalent to a degree factored in, the existing tariff measures, reduction in the suggested that the market is production 15 days prior to the large positive reaction to good-looking was. Also, Trump the President on the 12th, Light handmade US trade and Commerce representative[USTR]representatives and the fashion financial Secretary from collecting China Policy Forum in the U.S. for 10 months of the Ministerial consultations,agricultural products and exchange rate problems, such as that focused on the”Phase 1 Agreement”aiming to match with. The Chinese side eventually agreed, if you can,on the 13th, also signed the document announcing that. Other,12 on Friday of the British House of Commons General election exit polls, and Johnson headed by the Prime Minister to the ruling party・the Tory majority greatly exceeding forecasts and was conveyed with a sense of uncertainty about the future is get rid of this influence as well.

This was not particularly noteworthy, and the semiconductor would be. The Philadelphia semiconductor stock index, the basis of a substantial rise in almost recovered update. Taiwan Semiconductor contract manufacturing giant TSMC announced on the 10th, and the monthly turnover was also strong was the company’s stock consecutive days of listing come High update. International Semiconductor Equipment Materials Institute [SEMI], according to the 2019 Year 7-9 month period of the semiconductor manufacturing equipment of the world the shipping amount is compared with the same period of the previous year is 6%and decreased on the other hand, on a quarterly basis in the 4-6 month period from 12% and bottoming out feeling is coming out. The 2020 prospects, the sales amount of year-on-year 5. 5% increase and recovery Outlook. Yesterday it was announced machine orders mom 6. 0% to plus expected value below what the result was, that the contents, and semiconductor sectors include electrical machinery month-to-month 5. 7% increase for 4 consecutive months of improvement,the semiconductor market bottomed out feeling can.

However, today will Bank of Japan Tankan, the large manufacturing index of business conditions and decisions [DI]is 0, and also below market expectations was the result. Other economic indicators such as low, yet manufacturing as a whole is a strong sign of recovery is not felt. Ahead recovery is not only to semiconductor related stocks due to the market recovery ahead of the shape is generally high in Asia, from the actively working on is to hesitate at the stage,another stage of the concrete material in the. 15 days actually existing tariff measures of reduction such as in-depth content might want to check. Incidentally, a decade 商状 from only click the link below to find out more about the only to decline, but the reality is, this is the index impact of recent IPO stocks in the funds are gathered,the individual, if the IPO stocks, mainly small-and medium-sized stocks ransacked flows continue to be active and seen. Next week onwards,between the United States and China actually tangible progress, but only if today’s decade 商状 to further momentum in full-fledged year-end rally would be. [Nakamura 幸浩]《AK》

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