The US financial policy of the whereabouts

*18:57JST US financial policy of the whereabouts
The US Federal Reserve Board [the FED]of Powell Chairman last month and made congressional testimony”monetary policy is the status quo appropriate,”he said,7 months from continued interest rate cuts for the time being to stop the policy expressed. 11 on 20 November Published 10 October 29−30 held on the Federal Open Market Committee [FOMC] minutes of the meetings, the Outlook for the future changes in the factors that lead to a description of the particular was not included, the majority of the members of the 0. 25 points of additional rate cuts by economic growth, expanding employment,2 percent inflation is achievable and the judgment was confirmed. Proceedings, the interest rates to immediate change[lowering rates]is not necessary to suggest that was the content.

The market between the parties is now published to the FOMC statement in the policy rate for the time being deferred the idea is likely to be presented with a high as well as the latest financial reporting. However, trade issues surrounding U.S.-China confrontation will continue for a long time, may be from the market, a lot of people involved in the U.S. financial authorities on this point as a judgment of[the global economic impact, etc],note. 《MK》

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