The vehicle weight is 590kg!超 Ultra-lightweight machine realized with carbon fiber panel body Advansany 1987 specification (KHB310) 4

For the outer panel of the body, carbon fiber panels, which were very expensive at the time, were used, and the weight of the vehicle was 590 kg.

In the middle of the 1986 season, a major remodeling was carried out to lower the mounting position of the engine and transmission by 85 mm.

By moving heavy objects behind the front axle, the aim was to improve the movement of the body during a tight turn, which is the most important in Gymkhana, and to reduce the time by 0.01 seconds.

バ ン Advan Sunny was the ultimate gymkhana machine that truly shaped Yamamoto's dream at the time.

Fully tuned by Ogawa Motors based on the A14 model. It has a displacement of 1627cc and boasts 198ps in the final specification in 1987 due to the mechanical injection of Kugel Fischer.

The ignition system uses a simultaneous ignition system manufactured by Nagai Electronics Co., Ltd., the sponsor. The body and engine are directly fixed with bolts without using rubber mounts.

Kugel Fischer is based on the BMW 2002tii system. The pump is driven via a cogged belt.

The inner panel of the door has ribs similar to those of the production car, so at first glance it looks like a steel plate, but in fact, in the case of a door, both the inner panel and the outer panel are made of carbon fiber panels.

Advan Sunny II 1987 specifications [KHB310]

Driver Masahiro Yamamoto
Vehicle production / tuner Ogawa Motor
Chassis maintenance Tuska engineering
Engine model Nissan A14
Engine type Water-cooled in-line 4-cylinder OHV
Total displacement 1627cc
Compression ratio 12.5: 1
Maximum output 198ps / 7800rpm
Allowable rotation speed 9800rpm
Vaporizer Kugel Fischer mechanical injection
Ignition method ULTRA simultaneous ignition
Mission type F4W56L [NISMO-Opt.1]1st 2.862
2nd 1.908
3rd 1.350
Final reduction ratio 4.375
Suspension type Front / Strut
Rear / equal length 4-link rigid
Before shock / KYB [gym kana spl.]Rear / Ogawa Motor Original
Brake front / MK63 4-pot caliper
After brake / Alfin drum
Side brake hydraulic
Differential H165
Safety tank EVA [15ℓ]Steering EVA-CANAM [backskin]Sheet EVA-IMSA
Front fender made of carbon fiber
Bonnet carbon fiber
Door carbon fiber
Rear gate made of carbon fiber
Wheel front / ADVAN-A3A 8J × 13 [Yamamoto spl.]Rear / ADVAN-A3A 9J × 13 [Yamamoto spl.]Tire front / ADVAN slick 210-515-13
Rear / ADVAN slick 230-515-13
Vehicle weight 590kg

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