The web of hottest material on the “meat free material site”! The meat PR in Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture was so good that I laughed !!

Speaking of “free material”, there is no other person than this. Everyone has seen it onceTatsuya Okawa, a male free material modelIt is. The character model is enough for him, so what do you do if you want meat ingredients?

The best website for those who want meat ingredients is “oniku images”, which opened on November 29, 2019, “Good Meat Day”. This site is the first free material site launched by Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture as an administrative agency. Actually, it is true that the meat ingredients are substantial,The net story is full! “You ’re coming to laugh, Kore!

・ Strengthen net story

This site has been realized through collaboration with Kobayashi City and the well-established stock photo company “amanaimages”. In addition to providing images of meat, it also serves as a PR for the city's specialty, “Kogami Kobayashi Wagyu”. There is no doubt that it is a very beautiful photo with only materials taken by a professional photographer.

It's a nice site that you can use 100 beautiful meat images for free, but that wasn't the only one …

There is also a special 29-image content called “oniku museum”. That's already full of neta! The thing that I saw somewhere is expressed with meat. For example,"Mansion Poe Meat".

What do you do with meat for selling a condominium that became a hot topic?

Moreover"Wow … my meat is too thin …?".

Do you do meat with too low annual income? It ’s too much screwing. In addition to this, there are a lot of flesh images that will suddenly become “Huh …”. Even if you don't use it, just watching it is fun, so check it out to kill time! Note thatWhen using it as a free material, it is recommended to check the terms of use just in case!

Source:onikuimages,PR TIMES

writing:Hidenori Sato

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