The whole banking system to the contractor to open a regional Bank of the ailing Spurs from

Bank between money transfer operated by the Japanese Bankers Association(JBA), the 5th National Bank data communication system to the traders to open policy was announced. This is a 4 month FTC(FTC)is asking for”a fee of the lower of such improvement”of receiving it.

【Here】The Bank of common sense of society insane! (5) the Bank transfer fee is vary from?

Inter-Bank remittance business to lower-cost the to the outsourcing movement goes, non-interest income relied heavily on your regional Bank in the management of risk is substantial and would make. This 金融再編成 the whereabouts of this, many regional banks have closed their own might.

Ahead of the FTC survey, the household・accounting services and QR codes, etc. of the cashless payment service for the reality check,from other industries, new entrants and thwart do not Antitrust on the issue is not from too high remittance fees to correct or not to be,concluded.

These are the root cause of the problem, as the remittance and settlement of customers accounts managing the Bank’s brokerage to do that. Incidentally, the inter-Bank remittance has operated the JBA, the 40 years of analog processing times of the fees deferred for this issue. The cashless payment also, the transfer of money, all expensive brokerage fee paid service provided had can.

Also, the measures began as negative interest rates will continue in,Bank of income business interest income than the fees of non-profit income relied heavily on the history there. And some of the regional banks and fee and Commission income rate of Return is high.

In the future, inter-Bank remittance of the share of the most deprived, the number of customers of a large leading silver from fee income, many regional banks have, the Greater will be the damage would be. At the same time, transaction fees, lowering of even regional Bank earnings squeeze is inevitable.

It digital transfer・a smartphone payment system, end-to-end E2EE: implement the mediation medium banks without going through and also to. And if,in the near future payday even online payment services that are increasingly enhanced the value of thin as of in is of concern also emerge.

The flow of receiving,by 2020 6 February, NTT is 10 years hold for CAFIS of lower rates in the future to. Fractional is a 1000 yen fee to a flat 3. 15 from the circle,use the amount of 3% to the lowered. This financial transformation has already started now, the decision to suffer from regional banks survival at every turn to do.

Most Corona ominous by the regional banks Company’s stock price is heavily falling. And of perplexity by the Bank between money transfer and transaction fees in the lowering of the revenues to reduce it,survival itself is doubtful. might. (Articles:TO・The article list to look at)

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