The world is swirling with slaughter and persecution of religious minorities


The world is swirling with slaughter and persecution of religious minorities

by Kat J

Academic news siteThe ConversationAnd a senior religion and ethics editorial committee memberCarpana JaneHe summarizes five particularly serious problems from the violence and persecution facing religious minorities around the world.

Religious minorities around the world face an uncertain future: 5 essential reads

◆ 1: Persecution of Uyghurs in China

For some time, the Chinese government has focused on MuslimsXinjiang Uygur Autonomous RegionIs known to persecute the inhabitants ofConcentration camps expand rapidlyIt is clear that you are doing. According to Jane, more than one million people are detained in these concentration camps.

In addition, persecution by the Chinese government is not only intensifying, but is also turning to technology. “ The Chinese government will use Chinese messenger apps in 2016, '' said Darren Baylar, an anthropologist at the University of Washington with knowledge of Uyghur issues.WeChatStarting with monitoring, we have begun to collect DNA from all residents of the area, intercept high-precision voice communications, and collect biometric information such as face scans. "

In Iri Kazakh Autonomous Region, located in the northern part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, it has been reported that the installation of a "monitoring app" on a smartphone it owns has been forced.

In China the government forced residents to install “ surveillance application '' on smartphone-gigazine

by Office of Naval Research

◆ 2: Violent repression of Christians in Sri Lanka

On April 21, 2019, in several regions, including Sri Lanka's largest city ColomboSuicide bomberOccur one after another. More than 259 people, including one Japanese, were killed. The main aim of this terror was to a Christian church.EasterMany Christians gathered to celebrate.

Sri Lankan investigators say Islamic militants are committing suicide bombersNational Tawheed JamaaIt has been pointed out that the background of the crime was a fierce conflict between Muslims, which make up about 9% of the country's population, and Christians, which make up about 7%. According to Matthew Schmaltz, a professor of religion at Holy Cross University in Massachusetts, Christians in Sri Lanka are not only Muslims, but also the recently emerging extremist Buddhist organizations.Bodu Barra SenaIt is said that he is also under attack.

◆ 3: Moves to eliminate Muslims in India

Assam, India will be the basis for citizen registration in August 2019National registerWith the inauguration of the system, approximately 30.5 million people were registered, but approximately 1.9 million were excluded from the register as "foreigners." According to Hymanti Roy, who studies South Asian history and politics at Dayton University in Ohio, most of the excluded people are "women, lower caste, poor, religious minorities." It was that.

The Indian government also aimed to give preferential citizenship to religious minorities fleeing repression in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan on December 10.Amended citizenship lawWhich includes Hindus, Christians, and other religious minorities, but excludes Muslims. In response to the Indian government's decision to exclude Muslims from new law relief, citizens, mainly student organizations, have responded.Intense oppositionIt is estimated that a total of 27 people have died in India due to excessive suppression by police.

by DiplomatTesterMan

◆ 4: Christian crisis in Turkey

According to politician Ramazan Kilinc at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, Christians living in Turkey in 1922Ottoman EmpireHe has been exposed to discrimination frequently since the collapse. This trend is gaining popularity due to populist policies that emphasize Islamic and common people.Legep Taiip ErdoganAs he became president in 2014, it became even more difficult.

As a result, Christians, who accounted for 25% of the population living in the Turkish region in 1914, fell to just under 0.5% in 2019.Decreasedoing. According to Kilinc, conspiracy theories for non-Muslims are swirling in Turkey, and Christians are seen as enemies as "the presence of foreign cooperation to hurt the identity of Turkish people".

◆ 5: Genocide for Rohingya
RohingyaAre people who live in Rakhine State, Myanmar, and mainly worship Islam. However, in Myanmar, where Buddhists are the majority, the mainstream view is that the Rohingya is not its own people but “ illegal immigration from neighboring Bangladesh '', and in 2017 a large-scale Rohingya sweep by the Myanmar army Was implemented. Especially in the battle that occurred in August 2017,6,700 Rohingya have been killedIt has been reported thatgenocideThe appearance of.

by AK Rockefeller

In response to this repression, some RohingyaArakan Rohingya Salvation Army(ARSA)A group of Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh to escape the war and became refugees.

Rubayat Jesmin, an economist at the State University of New York at Binghamton, studying Rohingya refugee issues, said when he visited a refugee camp in Bangladesh in July 2019, “ Unsanitary, insufficient food and daily necessities. .Also,monsoonEvery day, we are faced with the disasters such as rain, cold, landslides caused by it. ''StateComplained of the plight of the refugees.

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