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The world's first double-sided writing nib! Fountain pen "PREMAD PEN" switchable to ballpoint pen-Engadget Japan version

A fountain pen that can be freely switched from a fountain pen to a ballpoint pen. Adopts the world's first patented "double-sided pen tip" and can be written on both sides.

The cap is integrated with the body, so you don't have to worry about losing it. German-made quality and the nibs carefully crafted by craftsmen realize a unique line width and smooth writing comfort.

Once you use "PREMAD PEN", the concept of the pen is completely renewed.

PREMAD PEN adopts a new structural design that modularizes the internal structure of the pen. The use of fountain pens and ballpoint pens has become possible, and the concept of pens in daily life has been redefined.
Regardless of sketches, notes, scribbles, or signatures on documents, handwriting expresses various emotions with fine lines and bold brushstrokes. Also, the flow of the strokes is the key to writing characters.
In such a case, this one-and-a-two-point pen demonstrates its essence.

Switching from a fountain pen to a ballpoint pen can be performed smoothly using a magnetic method.

Most pens allow “endorsement” or upside-down writing, but the lack of consistent ink flow causes the characters to fade.

"PREMAD PEN" grinds the tip of iridium into a V-shaped groove so that ink always flows on both sides of the tip, so that the line width from the surface is thin, and the line width from the back is thick. Did. (Patent numberUS. 8684 618 B2)

The combination of German quality and hand-crafted nibs provides a smooth writing experience for any movement.
PREMAD PENThe "ballpoint pen" uses a pen core made in Germany, and the movement of the ball at the tip of the pen is extremely smooth, so once you use it, you will not be able to release it.
The PREMAD PEN "fountain pen" uses the nib of "SCHMIDT" of Germany, which has a history of 100 years, to achieve a smooth and stable writing feel.

In order to improve the writing comfort of this pen, we repeatedly prototyped the body. By adopting a balance, the main material is made of aluminum alloy and anodized so that the pen tip can feel like a part of the body, so that the pen can be manipulated freely. became.
The more you use it, the more it will fit into your own hands and become your only one.

The design of the grip was a major challenge in the overall design because it required a part of the body shaft to be flattened in consideration of the internal structure as well as maintaining the balance.

The flat surface provides an anti-rolling effect and stops the pen naturally. This flat surface assists in pen gripping, improves grip, and does not limit your writing posture. It also works perfectly as a thumb rest when you have a pen, so you can maintain maximum writing comfort even after prolonged use.

Focusing on writing comfort, the axis of PREMAD PEN is designed to be short. Therefore, by removing the cap and integrating it with the main body, you are free from worrying about losing the cap, and it is convenient to carry. The cylindrical pen is a slide sleeve type. When fully secured, the cap emits a pleasant clicking sound. The cap, which is essential to the overall writing feel, provides enough weight to optimize balance, so you don't have to worry about losing it.

In order for the ink to flow smoothly into the pen tip, it is necessary to grind the extremely thin V-shaped groove with surgical precision. This process is very difficult and is done by a completely hand-crafted professional, and all PREMAD PEN pens have the inscription "mountain" on the back of the nib.

The pen tip of PREMAD can be selected from three types: EF (extra-fine), F (fine), and M (medium). Also, you can draw different thickness lines depending on the front and back of the pen tip.

Duet Nib EF: Extreme Fine front & Fine reverse.

Duet Nib F: Fine front & medium reverse.

Duet Nib M: Medium front & broad reverse.

Going back to the drawing base, we redesigned the pen without extra lines or decorations. We spent a lot of time improving our grips, shapes and the little things, but less than 1% noticed this. By producing several prototypes and samples, changing materials and changing the internal structure repeatedly, a more complete product than expected was born. I believe that everyone who has a pen will like it immediately.

Inclined pen stand

The slightly sloping pen stand, made from aluminum blocks, will be a slightly unique favorite office stationery.

Leather pen sleeve

Handmade sleeves make simple pens stylish.

The birth of this product stems from the encounter with a man named Laiyi, a veteran craftsman who has devoted most of his life to making pens and is known as the "fountain pen elder."
Any faulty fountain pen will be repaired if it gets into the hands of Elder Elder. I liked the fountain pen and repaired it, but while touching the fountain pen all the time, I made the invention of a “ double-sided nib '' that can write on both sides, which is unique in the world .
All PREMAD nibs are individually inspected and processed by Elder Elder for incredible smoothness and double-sided writing.

The beginning of all

In 1954, Ryo, just 22 years old, started a fountain pen business in Hualien, Taiwan, repairing and polishing the nib. He worked every day for 65 years, wearing his trademark white shirt and tie, because the fountain pen was as sacred to the elder as the samurai sword.

Even now, at the age of 87, Yori is wearing a magnifying glass, making a powerful and careful inscription on a fountain pen and repairing it for the people of Taiwan.

Fountain pen inherited to the next generation

"People who use fountain pens are excellent, excellent people use fountain pens." This is a unique impression of Elder Elder, who has been using a fountain pen for 60 years. A fountain pen nib requires proper care and cannot be roughly handled, but if it is carefully handled, it can be passed on to the next generation, not just a lifetime.

Immediately depart from here and spread the soul-filled fountain pens to Japan and the rest of the world.

The philosophy of "PREMAD DESIGN" is to promote the connection of Taiwan's industry. By combining the best known Taiwanese crafts with new-age designs, the craftsman's elaborate skills are transformed into everyday items that can be picked up by people in the world, and blended into the modern society, thereby increasing the number of people We want you to learn the spirit of craftsmanship. This time, we will collaborate with Japan Insider Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) to make the first landing in the Japanese market.

“ Pen core that does not cause ink breaks '' for smoother writing comfort

Elder's demand for a fountain pen is higher than heaven, and a good fountain pen must be written smoothly and stably. Therefore, we improved the pen core to one that does not cause ink breaks, which made the fountain pen a more convenient tool in everyday life.

Only the purchaser will receive a pen stand for 5 people by lottery. Details on how to share and how to apply are as follows.
~ When sharing on a PC ~
・ Step1 Click “Share on Twitter or Facebook” displayed on the upper right of the PC screen !!
・ Step2 Click “ Post '' displayed on the left side of the screen!
・ Step3 Click “ Done ''!
・ Step4 Take the screen and screenshot you have shared and send it to the following e-mail address.
email Title: PREMAD PEN Special Share Lottery Campaign Application
email address:
~ When sharing on a smartphone ~
・ Step1 Click the “ Twitter, Facebook or LINE '' button displayed at the bottom of the page on your smartphone!
・ Step2 Tap “Post to Timeline” at the bottom of the screen
・ Step3 Tap the upper right button
・ Step4 Take the screen and screenshot you have shared and send it to the following e-mail address.
email Title: PREMAD PEN Special Share Lottery Campaign Application
email address:

1.fountain penIs fragile?

Fountain pens can be used for a long time to pass on from generation to generation if used properly. Be careful not to give a strong impact, as the iridium on the pen tip affects the taste.

2. How do I use a fountain pen?

Usage is no different from ordinary pens. The difference is that you need to keep the angle of the fountain pen on the paper constant to improve the ink output. This angle will also help you understand how to hold the pen correctly. If you get used to it, you will be able to enjoy a smooth flowing taste.

3. Can I purchase and replace the ballpoint pen core myself?

The ballpoint pen core can be replaced if it is Schmidt 9000. It also supports other international standards.

4. What kind of maintenance is required on a fountain pen on a daily basis?

To improve ink output, draw characters and figures every day after ink is applied. If you have not used the printer for a long time, such as when going abroad, wash the ink thoroughly with water and dry it in a cool, shaded place. No other special maintenance is required.

5. What happens if I don't use a fountain pen for a long time?

The fountain pen absorbs ink onto the paper by capillary action, but if the fountain pen is not used for a long time with the ink in it, the ink will dry and block the ink passage. In such a case, soak the fountain pen in lukewarm water for about 10 minutes and then wash it.

6. Does the fountain pen come with a converter?

Comes with. At the time of shipment, we attach a short converter of European standard at the time of shipment. You can also use European common cartridge inks. It is easy to obtain because it is sold by major brands.

7. Is there a guarantee?

One year warranty from the date of purchase. Please note that the warranty covers only the pen tip, and careless damage and consumables (cartridge ink, converter, etc.) are not covered by the warranty. However, if you receive a defective product or it is damaged due to normal use, please contact us within 2 weeks after receiving the product. I will confirm and respond.

8. Warranty and repair methods

Please send the product to our office in Japan. Customers will be responsible for the domestic shipping cost. We will bear the cost of replacement and repairs, as well as shipping costs, and we will also bear international shipping costs. After receiving the product, our engineer will check the product. If you need to pay, we will send you a quote in advance. Repairs will be provided after your consent has been obtained.

Support this project with GREEN FUNDING

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