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The world's first practical use of a giant magnetostrictive element for hearing aids, "FILLTUNE", a viewing aid gadget that delivers directly to spiral ganglion cells-Engadget Japanese version

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You can hear sounds that you cannot hear with your hearing aid

FILLTUNE is the world's first giant magnetostrictive hearing aid device. Even for people with age-related hearing loss, all frequencies in the audible range of 20Hz to 20KHz can be directly transmitted to auditory cells. Sounds that could not be heard with conventional hearing aids are revived.

  • High-pitched sounds are heard clearly, so the lines and spoken words are clear. It is easy to hear consonants such as Ka and Sa.

  • You can hear the presence of orchestra and jazz, and the atmosphere of the sound field.

This is a quality that cannot be achieved with a sound-collecting hearing aid that simply reproduces a loud volume or a conventional piezoelectric bone conduction device. If you use the optical digital output converter (sold separately), you can enjoy TV with your family.

Apply the technology cultivated in the MHLW adoption project

The technology installed in this FILLTUNE is already being used in medical practice for interviews with the elderly. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has received the adoption of the Hearing Department for the development promotion project for persons with disabilities independence, and as a result of conducting clinical trials at the National Hospital Organization Tokyo Medical Center for patients with severe sensorineural hearing loss, severe hearing loss, and cerebral cortex disorders The effect was confirmed in more than half of the severe hearing loss.

Miyazaki Prefecture Nojiri Central Hospital ChairmanSonodaInterview with Mr. Sadahiko (excerpt)
*The full interview is at the bottom of the page.

● (Patient) When I talked about Philtune, the first reason was that he liked music so much that he could not hear it due to deafness, so he could hear it. When I talked to it, the patient's eyes were made to shine, and (…) the face was really smirking, and it was "ah, very audible," so I'm surprised first.

● Actually asked various questions to the patient, and until now, I just looked back at my mouth and somehow returned, the patient who was not hearing, but was pretending to be audible, heard properly, The fact that I can answer my questions properly is helpful in the outpatient setting.

●I felt the kind of new surprise, from "just listening to the sound" to "hearing a sound with really good sound quality," which I really felt.

●Philtune is a clear sound, a hearing aid that has never existed before, so as not to worsen the existing conductive hearing loss through the existing eardrum and to worsen the point of hearing loss in a sense. I think we can deliver to patients a clean and wonderful sound source

Giant magnetostrictive clinical test results *Applied original product evaluation of this project product

*FILLTUNE installed, giant magnetostrictive element

Reason ①"Spiral ganglion cells"Voice information can be delivered directly to

By delivering audio information to the final stage of the auditory organ, "the spiral ganglion cells," it is possible to deliver hearing regardless of the presence or absence of impairment of the auditory cells. The stress generated by the giant magnetostrictive element has the power to move an object of 100 kg or more with an element having a diameter of 1 cm. Therefore, the influence of attenuation is very small, and it is possible to transmit all frequencies in the audible range 20Hz to 20KHz to the cochlea. The main cause of age-related hearing loss is the death of outer hair cells. FILLTUNE can deliver sound directly to "helix ganglion cells", so it can deliver clear sound to everyone.

Reason (2): High frequency bands, such as those that are hard to hear and those that are hard to hear, can be delivered firmly.

The response speed of the giant magnetostrictive element is 1/1,000,000 seconds to 1/100,000,000 seconds (1 μsec to 10 nanoseconds), and the audio information is reproduced 1 million to 100 million times per second. FILLTUNE can play 1,000 to 100,000 times more sound than a speaker, and other playback technologies cannot reach this resolution. Since this high-resolution sound can be delivered to the auditory cells with strong sound waves, the consonant sound above 1 kHz, which is the most difficult to hear in age-related hearing loss, can be heard firmly.

* Giant magnetostrictive element technology is a technology that produces vibrations by utilizing the deviation of the molecular structure of an alloy. Since the publication of basic technology papers in recent years, American, British, German, and Japanese university research institutions and companies have made prototypes for practical use. FILLTUNE succeeded in putting the cutting-edge technology into practical use for the first time in the world as an hearing support device.

It is a product equipped with the only technology in the world that is truly an innovation in the modern age where one in two people over the age of 65 is said to have age-related hearing loss.

"hear"Can be prevented by

According to a report by the Cabinet Office, the social risk (economic expenditure) due to dementia in 2020 is 17.4 trillion yen per year. In January 2015, the government formulated the new orange plan (general strategy for promoting dementia), which is a national strategy, to strengthen measures against dementia in response to the rapidly aging Japanese problem. We have started to work nationwide to promote the prevention of dementia and to create a mechanism to support the daily lives of elderly people with dementia. Among the risk factors for dementia are "aging" and "hypertension," as well as "deafness."
"Watching a movie", "Listening to music", "Talking with grandchildren" These seemingly obvious pleasures become irritated when the hearing loss due to age-related hearing loss makes them lonely. In order to live a prosperous retirement life with a high quality of life in the 100-year-old era, it is becoming important to create an environment where you can listen to sound as you would expect.

Binaural sound source set by the Grammy Award nominated artist

This FILLTUNE is a challenging device not only for hearing support but also for all age groups who are not worried about hearing.
The giant magnetostrictive element technology realizes a response speed that sets it apart from speakers and general earphones. This allows you to feel the depth of the sound as if you were in that space. Since a huge amount of information, which is on a level different from that of conventional playback methods, can be delivered directly to the brain, it is possible to play back sounds that were previously unheard of.
As a first step in sound exploration, a binaural sound source by Takashi Kokubo, who was nominated for the Grammy Award with Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Joe Hisaishi, and INOYAMA LAND, will be included as a set. You can experience live recordings, binaural sound sources, environmental music, etc. at the highest resolution.


Nice to meet you, I'm Tetsuji Kunishi. He loves music, audio, art and life sciences, and moved to New York upon graduation from college. While engaged in the music business of the local industry in New York, engaged in recording engineering and development of audio equipment for studios in the 1980s, and participated in research on anionic medicine to neutralize in vivo oxidative stress caused by active oxygen in the 1990s. Then, from 2000 to the present, we are developing next-generation ultra-high-quality headphones and researching the brain's music recognition mechanism. In 2012, we succeeded in prototyping the actual device of the hearing device "Prestin®" heard in the brain. In the following year, he was adopted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a development promotion project for independence support equipment for persons with disabilities, with the support of the government, Dr. Kimitaka Kaga (Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, former president of the Japan Otological Society, We conducted a clinical trial of Prestin ® in collaboration with the Tokyo Medical Center, Honorary Director, Clinical Research Center, and demonstrated the effect on severe hearing loss including age-related hearing loss. The results of the clinical trial were posted on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website, and when an interview article was published in the electronic medical edition of MedGadget, the latest medical device journal in the United States, it continued to be browsed from 100 countries for a while. The Prestin® GB, which was featured in major newspapers and was used for live commentary on goalball games, was featured in BS Nippon Television's “Challenge for 2020”. Toward the commercialization of medical devices, we obtained the approval of the second class medical device manufacturing and sales business (of pharmaceutical affairs), and was selected as a member of the Tokyo Medical and Industrial Cooperation HUB Organization and a JETRO special support company.

■Product name: FILLTUNE Mobile

-Headphones section

Model Giant magnetostriction method
Audio frequency 50-16,000Hz (@ spiral ganglion cells)
External dimensions 140 x 170 x 22 mm
mass 136g (including cable)

-Rechargeable amplifier/controller

Maximum output 2.8W+2.8W
input Microphone input/line input
Outer diameter dimension 50 × 103.5 × 14 mm
mass 58g
Power supply Lithium battery
Limited production 100 units

■Product name: FILLTUNE Wired

-Headphone section

Model Giant magnetostriction method
Audio frequency 50-16,000Hz (@ spiral ganglion cells)
Outer diameter dimension 140 x 170 x 22 mm
mass 136g (including cable)


Maximum output 2.8W+2.8W
input Microphone input/line input
Outer diameter dimension 140 x 170 x 22 mm
mass 36g (including cable)
Power supply AC/DC power supply
Limited production 100 units

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