Theatrical Company $ 4 Aki Motonishi appears on stage for "Gundam 00"

Akimoto Motoki [21], a dramatic troupe produced by Mr. Yasushi Akimoto, which costs $ 4.50, is set on stage “Mobile Suit Gundam 00-Awakening from Destruction-Re: [in] innovation” [July 17, Tokyo, Japan] [New National Theater Middle Theater], it was learned on the 4th that he will play the role of Luis Halevi. This is the sequel to the stage "Mobile Suit Gundam 00-Reconstruction by Destruction-Re: Build" which was performed last February.

The original anime "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" is one of the "Gundam Series" broadcasted in October 2007. It is a hit work that incorporates the notation of the Christian era in the work and creates a realistic worldview and precise human relationships set 300 years from the real world. The stage "Mobile Suit Gundam 00-Rebirth by Destruction-Re: Build" staged in February last year was very popular because it incorporates the elements of the stage original while expressing the world view of animation.

Motonishi will appear as a new cast from this work. "Because I was watching the previous work, I was so happy to jump up when I was told, I was surprised." "Because it is my first time to play a character like Lewis, I will work hard with myself and Lewis and work hard to deliver the best stage to everyone who comes to see it! I'm sorry. "

Motonishi, whose father is Atsuhiro Motonishi [57] who played an active role in professional baseball Orix, etc., unveiled in August 2017 as a member of the theater company which raised $ 4.50. Last year, he performed on the musical “Hakuouki Shitan”, on the stage “Katekyo Hitman REBORN!”, “Kemono Friends”, “Akatsuki no Jonah”, and the signal of prayer. "Zombie Land Saga @ Stage @ Dawn!" [Tokyo, Sogetsu Hall] will also be performing as the main cast's source Sakura from the 11th of the month.

Shohei Hashimoto, Taiyo Ayukawa, Akira Kubodera, and Mekumi Matsumura also appear in the same work.

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