Theatrical Company $ 4 Honishi Ayaki "Feeling the love of various relationships"

Ayaki Honishi [originally Sakiho = 21], a dramatic troupe that is produced by Yasushi Akimoto for $ 4.50, will be set on the stage "Don't Call Your Family" [Thursday, 29th, Tsukiji Honganji Buddy Hall, Tokyo]. Performed as a main cast, taking on a comedy challenge for the first time. In a rehearsal room in Tokyo recently, he spoke to Nikkan Sports and appealed, "This is a work that seems to be a great parent."

-Comedy first challenge

Motonishi: At first, I was worried that I could get it right. This time is the youngest in the cast, so I've been taught a lot to my brothers and sisters. It's hard to hold back laughter, but I learned to connect it to a play even if I laughed during the lesson. I don't feel shy.

-A variety of human patterns, not a simple love story, are set in a wedding hall.

Motonishi: It's not just a comedy. There is a lot of love and compassion for the family. I myself also think and act for my brother, dad, and mother. Sometimes they lie for someone. I think that there is such a way of lying. And I guess the mother's line of this work is exactly what mothers in the world think. I feel as if I have been told that my tears will not stop. I want you to feel the love of various relationships.

-Mr. Motonishi is conscious of the role

Motonishi: I have a normal feeling and a role similar to that of a customer. Thankfully, I have a turn from the beginning to the end, so I am very careful that I will react firmly if there is something I am concerned about so that I do not leave customers.

-Last year, he performed in numerous "2/5 dimensions" works such as the musical "Hakuouki Shitan", the stage "Katekyo Hitman REBORN!", "Kemono Friends", "Akatsuki no Jonah ~ Signal Prayer Hen".

Motonishi: I really appreciate it. It is the first time since one year since "Wonderland Cantata 2019" that you can set the stage of so-called straight play, which is not "2.5 dimensional". I wish I could grow for one year.

-The enthusiasm for 2020, starting with "don't call family"

Motonishi: It's a work that teaches not only family members but also the importance of various people, so I would like to be able to interact with everyone involved and customers at a closer distance than ever before. I want to be able to communicate my growth, feelings, thoughts, and other things. I want to do even more effort than last year and increase my capacity!

-Can a former professional baseball player's father, Atsuhiro Motonishi, and family members come to see me?

Motonishi Mom and her second sister seem to come. Dad … will you come to see me? [Laughs] But there are some embarrassing parts. It's kind of embarrassing to see this work and it's amazing to see my parents. After all parents are great.

◆ Sakiho Motonishi was born on May 27, 1998 in Chiba Prefecture on May 27, 1998. Although he was a high school student aiming to be a nursery teacher, he passed the audition of Avex for his musical “Hakuoki” and in August 2017, he unveiled as a member of the troupe's $ 4.550 cent. A big fan of Nanase Nishino since Nogizaka 46 was formed. The youngest of the three sisters. From March 11th, he will also appear on stage "Zombie Land Saga @ Stage @ Dawn!" [Sogetsu Hall, Tokyo]. 158 cm. Blood type AB.

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