Theatrical Company $ 4 Independent Movie Screening, Reina Yukawa Plays Live

Theatrical company $ 50 50 cents Reina Yukawa [18] Yukina Fukushima [21] Satoshi Ueki [29] Shigemitsu Hisaichi [26] Shuji Ozaki [26] will play a self-produced movie "Himazine" at Tokyo United Cinema Toyosu on the 16th Nojikan "at the screening event.

In this work, a talent who lost the memory played by Yukawa repeats the time leap. The show lasted less than 40 minutes and lasted four days. During the screening, Yukawa appeared on the spot, and there was one act showing his first guitar playing story that he practiced for two months for this day. "I thought that if we made something that came out of the movie, we could only do it ourselves," said Kumichi, the director and scriptwriter.

Uekiya, the teacher who watched Yukawa's story, said, "Yuki [Fukushima] was crying. I was crying too." Kudo said, "Thanks to everyone who came, my dream since I wanted to make a movie is gradually becoming smaller." "I want to show that only a troupe member can do just this. I want people to know that I can do this much and see lots of works! "

Yukawa appealed, "I want you to see this work and feel various things." "Normally, it's like shooting and leaving it to the editor, but this time there's Jackie-san [Kumichi] close by, so I was able to see the editing up close and was able to match up with the post-recording. So we enjoyed it together. "

Fukushima, who participated in the first self-produced movie series, said, "I think this work is filled with various messages. I understand a little about the positions of managers and staff members. I wish I could go. "

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