The,”Rakuten market”withdrawal and future development

The IS 2 end of month,Rakuten was withdrawn from the market. “Over a certain amount of purchase or free shipping [Exhibitor burden]rebellion against”and capture the attention, the key is the”2020 3 month period within their email offers, and the default direction. Rakuten’s contract renewal is 2 months and 8 months.“ Renewal”is for the update that it only”as that.

【Here】Acquaintance of protest in the work clothes market expanded for keenly!

As is well known,apparel manufacturers are”selling cost lowering”or urgent.

In the future,the key is attitude・in the framework of market facing services. “ZARA”method being pointed out.

ZARA is based in Spain poised to apparel, the world’s leading. The Japanese, including 90-odd countries 7420 stores [19 years 1 month first half of the quarter, end points] deployment.

Parallel to the”EC”expansion. “The next generation Click&Collect”called Omni-channel strategy has taken that. “Order online and receive EC for the stock to pull at the the store in stock to reserve in the store, handed over or from the store to be shipped”with the framework. The world’s apparel manufacturers in the tide as well.

But the key is that the framework of so is not included. Different”from the store shipping is not”the point. Here’s the business model is oozing.

The rapid growth continues. The 2020 3-month period of the plan is”9.6% year on year, 11.0% operating profit growth”. 2 on 4 October,the 3rd quarter of the disclosure and at the same time”35.1%of revenues[905 billion], 39.7%of operating profit growth [189 billion]”to”operating income [sales]increased by the benefit increase”on the grounds raised.

11 at the end of Phase total number of stores 855 the store. And that 9% of franchisees[FC]. FC is the fastest growing have been the driving force.

FC of the adoption factors is extremely dense. 1 on 7 September of the University of Finance and Economics newspaper 経済欄 also wrote a”personal contract only. Corporate and self-employed is””aged 25 to 55 years of age in a couple of the operation of”the principle”store is the headquarters decision. The regional emphasis. From the place of residence within 40 minutes commuting distance to destination management. The movers accompanied by an FC node”.

In other words, the EC combination of Omni-channel strategies”FC completed your Patrol, tearing down and old”, and”FC to an increase Strong which will never not be able to speak”so.

The work of the previous fiscal year to the end of sales revenue to EC ratio is 1%. Renewal after the first year of e-Commerce sales target of 30 billion yen as that. FC troops by”acceptance”is an absolute requirement and would.
Trends to watch for. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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