There are 200 classic cars from all over Japan! “28th Traffic Safety Fair Nihonkai Classic Car Review” 4

71's Gloria 2000GX / Shuichi Sano [Nagano Prefecture]I got it with a stationary car 12 years ago, and from there I did a full restore and three years ago I did all-paint. This green metallic acquainted with a person who happened to work for Nissan and was able to obtain a color code.

Sequential tail lamps are also a favorite.

'64 Corona 1500DX / Akihiko Ito [Gunma]I like the silhouette of "Ame car-like" and the sense of size without being too big or too small. The tail lamps and the like were finished with mono parts at that time, and they are proud to have appeared in the movie "ALWAYS Sanchome Sunset 64".

1974 Bandempura Princess 1300 / Rie Onishi [Fukui Prefecture]Mr. Onishi [left] who was invited to the world of old cars from a friend's car enthusiast, and then looked down at the princess and bought it. The seats have good cushioning properties, the hydro suspension is in great shape, and the ride is much more comfortable than expected.

73 Savanna GT / Toshiyuki Matsuda [Shimane]It seems that the Savanna GT, where he met when his neighbor was riding as a child, was drawn to the good balance of the silhouette.

I was wearing a Speedster formula mesh saying, "I was so cool looking at the RX-3."

Nostalgic Hero Vol.196 Nostalgic Hero December 2019 Issue [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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