"There are no customers" 22nd, Live live "Zoukan Live" from Zepp Tokyo

To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, postponement of the one-man performance “22/7 1st Tour-Muzui” scheduled for Thursday, February 27 has been postponed to “22/7” (Nanabunnonijuni) ) Delivered a live "Non-Spectator Live" from the Zepp Tokyo venue where the performance was scheduled, and attracted a total of about 90,000 viewers on SHOWROOM / AbemaTV / Nico Nico Live Broadcasting.

During the main part, a total of nine songs were performed, including all five songs of the 5th single "Muzui" released on Wednesday, February 26.

As new information, the key visuals of the rhythm game application "22/7 Music Time" (commonly known as Nanaon) and the initial implementation lineup of cover songs will be released this spring, and the season of the variety program "22/7 Calculating" will be released. The second broadcast was also announced.

After the first song "Muzui" was performed, member Sally Amagi told MC that "Here, Zepp Tokyo has zero customers!" With the live stream, "Spring can be delivered to everyone in the world instead!" On February 27, the birthday of a new member, Kawase Uta, was added to the production, including the appearance of a surprise cake, and the “Audience Live” ended successfully. .

"22/7" (Nanabunnonijuni) is a digital voice actor idol project produced by Yasushi Akimoto, a team of Sony Music and ANIPLEX.

He released the 5th single "Muzui" on February 26, the theme song of the TV anime "22/7" in which he is the main character, and has won the No. 2 on the Oricon opening day daily chart, which is his personal best.

With regard to the date and time of the performance, the venue, and the performance after March 20, the government will examine the announcement while paying close attention to the announcements from the government and related organizations, and will be informed on the website later.

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