There are so many ways to spend when you have no money!

◆ Can I do nothing without money or money before payday?
In today's world, you can play, meet and learn, and if you have the money, you can experience a lot of things. That's a good thing, but that's a bit of a belief that you can't do anything without money.

At the end of the month, I sometimes hear a kid saying, "I'm bored because I don't have the money and I don't have to." When you have no money, you can be comfortable if you can spend time in a space that is free of money. If you are, run out of money and choose from the following five options.

◆ 1. Go to the library
If you want to study, read a book, or work at your desk, a library is the way to go. Surrounded by many books and people who are studying, you will forget about money and increase your motivation to learn.

Depending on the region, the library has a reading corner where you can concentrate, relaxing sofa space and a rest zone where you can relax, so you can stay open all day. One of the ways to enjoy the library is that you can read not only books but also magazines and newspapers.

Even if you read the same book, you should never go to bookstores with attractive new books [since you will want to spend money].

◆ 2. Stroll and exercise in nature
Strolling around your home may reveal new discoveries in small forests, hills, streams and parks. If you can relax by touching familiar nature, it will refresh your mind and body. If you do a little squatting and jogging, the range of action will be greatly expanded.

In my hometown, there are more than 100 monuments on the roadside. As you walk around the city, you'll discover the historically venerable cultural heritage that played an important role in the life arena of the past.

Never go to sightseeing spots or amusement parks to enjoy the same nature.

◆ 3. Visiting shrines and temples
If it's boring to just walk around the city, why not walk around the shrines and temples? The act of organizing your daily thoughts and praying in front of Shinto and Buddha is necessary in life.

It is good to visit the ancestors' grave. Thanks to something that has protected you, and swearing for your good work from tomorrow, you will also have a good luck.

Since the nearby temples and shrines are unnamed, were they not indifferent just because they were small? The pleasure of praying hard everywhere, rather than worshiping because it is a famous place, is the key to good luck. But don't forget about the offer.

◆ 4. Visit relatives and friends in the neighborhood
One of the quotes of the writer, Ken Honda, says, "If you make more than 50 friends who can stay for a week, you can eat for a lifetime."

It's not a week, but a day. You don't have to stay. Not only friends, but also relatives and acquaintances. Why don't you stop by somebody's house?

If you don't have the money and want to eat, you'll be the best if you can get along. It's at this time that we go beyond the semantic meaning of killing time that doesn't cost money and meet strange coincidences.

◆ 5. Clean up in the room
You don't want to go anywhere or meet anyone. Please clean up in the house.

As the word "disassociate" implies, throwing things away and being free from obsession is the first step in life. Why don't you spend a day discarding unnecessary things in your house and keeping just the things you need?

It may take days. It doesn't cost money, but it will create space and bring luck.

Even if you organize the same room, never go to a home improvement center to find furniture and storage shelves.

How was it? Forget the lack of money and spend a fulfilling time.

Sentence = Kunihiro Kitagawa [money guide]
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