There is a new car-sized moon on Earth! → Elon Musk, who flew a car into space, is not me

Apparently, a new moon was born on Earth. Even so, it is much smaller than a month before.Car sizeThat's right. For this reason, even if you look up at the night sky, you can't see it, but it has become a hot topic as a mini moon.

・ 2020 CD3

The minimoon was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey at the University of Arizona and is named "2020 CD3". According to an announcement from the International Astronomical Union [IAU], it is not related to any known artifact,Asteroids caught by Earth's gravity with high probabilityThe view is strong.

According to the chemical media New Scientist, the mini moon was discovered on February 15, 2020. However, it was found from calculations that it had been around the earth about three years ago. The more detailed size is about 1.9 to 3.5 meters, and it seems to be orbiting the earth in about 47 days, much outside the orbit of the larger moon.

It is currently orbiting the earth because of the "moon", but its orbit does not seem to be stable. Experts have said that they could escape the Earth's gravity and fly somewhere in April, but more research is needed for more accurate forecasts.

・ It's not Elon

By the way, if you hear the size of a car floating around the earth, do you remember something? It will be the CEO of Tesla and Space X on February 7, 2018 [Japan time].“ Tesla Roadster '' that Elon Musk flew into space and “ Starman '' in the driver's seat.

In response to a New Scientist tweet reporting a car-sized mini-moon, Elon Musk himself replied, "It's not mine." He's been buzzing over the original tweet over 14 hours with over 1500 retweets and over 27,000 likes.

Many people hear the image of a car-sized moon and imagine a roadster floating in space. By the way, a site that continues to simulate the launch of a roadster floating in spaceWhere is ROADSTER?According to the report, the location of the Roadster as of February 27, 2020 is likely outside Mars' orbit.

Source: Twitter @newscientist,@elonmusk,@WierzchosKacper,IAU,Where is ROADSTER?

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