There is also a collaboration video of "Blackjack" Pinoko and Ice "Pino"! "Pino Cute Package 50" will be on sale in limited quantities from October 5th (Monday)!

The official release has arrived from the Morinaga Milk Industry Public Relations Office, and we will introduce it at Otarabo.
Below, press release)

Any "cute" is cute!
50 kinds of "cute" packages are now available

"Pino Cute Package 50"
Limited quantity will be released nationwide from October 5th (Monday)

A special WEB movie featuring "Black Jack" Pinoko and content that allows you to create your own "Cute Pinoko Package" will be released on the same day!

This time, "Pino", a long-selling product that has been on sale for more than 40 years, is available through 50 types of "Cute" and "Pino" original packages created from various perspectives such as "Yume Kawaii", "Tsuyogari Kawaii", and "Busa Kawaii". , "Pino Cute Package 50" will be released to bring smiles to everyone.

"Pino Cute Package 50" makes the world smile more with the power of "Cute" of "Pino", which is the representative of "Cute Ice", which is a bite size, and wants to support the "Cute" that each person feels through various packages.
It was created from the thought.

■ An example of "Pino Cute Package 50"

In addition, a WEB movie featuring the character Pinoko of "Black Jack" will be released on the special site of "Pino Cute" from October 5th (Monday).

Furthermore, from the same day, we will release "Pino Kawaii Package Generator" that allows you to design your own "cute" package using the AR function of your smartphone.

By combining background images, stamps, characters, etc., you can create your own "Pino Cute" original package.

<"Pino cute" special site>

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