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There is an opportunistic development of Manga House debut story DS (2005) and it is for children: Ueken's "Now that game!?" Vol.6-Engadget Japanese version

I've been silent until now, but I'm a "manga drawing" maniac. To be precise, it was silent in this series, but it was a maniac to the extent that it would like to write books related to it, the title of the book was "A leisurely manga artist read "How to draw manga" "The reason why I can't get the bestseller" was a long time.

There were various reasons, but this title was not there. I couldn't remember it myself, so I searched and checked to introduce it here. However, the contents are rather interesting, so if you are interested, please read it.

With this as a premise, we will focus on this game, "Mangaya Debut Story DS-Akogare! Mangaya Training Game". Let's play with the expectation that know-how related to manga production may be told in the game! I'm free!

The main character is a junior high school girl aiming for a manga home. You will be able to hone various skills by playing several types of mini games.

Isn't it drawn!?

Traveling around the map, having conversations at various places, the story progresses. Junior high school students are recognized as manga and are in charge of editing.

What is this opportunistic development? ?

I can't touch what the main character is drawing, and if I notice it, I get the prize. It seems that the manga is tracing the outside of the house, but please wait.

The target of this game is said to be "all ages", but if you look at the package design and design, it is clear that it is made for elementary and junior high school girls. What on earth is an old man in his 40s [at the time of play] complaining about? There must be a way of dealing with contents for children!

If a child is a little interested in the manga family profession through this software and really aims to be a manga family, naturally it will be necessary to acquire quests in the real world, realistic parameter raising, and skill acquisition, unlike games. Probably this game is good now.

It also has a drawing tool using a touch pen, a function to make flipbook animations, a fortunetelling of comics, and a dictionary of manga technical terms, so it would be nice if you could use it as an introduction to small children's comics. Rather, I think that the creator side is making with that kind of feeling, in the first place, there is no making for mania in how to draw manga in the 40s!

──Ueken Wiki──

Kentaro Ueno[Kentaro Ueno, April 18, 1963 -] is a fairly analog manga artist. The point of contact with the digital Engadget is said to have been in charge of serialization when the editor-in-chief was a game magazine editor 20 years ago. The phrase I often use is "Because it's free time!" … so I'll dig up a maniac game that some people have played before and remember that time.

Ueken's "Now that game!?" and other series


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