There was a “genuine Vietnamese restaurant” in Machida recommended by Vietnamese residents in Japan as “Gachi”! Vietnamese “Chain but Machida store is good” / Jasmine Palace

Vietnamese food that is said to fit the Japanese tongue. I (Nakazawa) has only eaten fresh spring rolls at a convenience store, thinking of wanting to eat someday.

I want to eat Vietnamese food soon. So, when I asked a Vietnamese restaurant recommended by Vietnamese residents in Japan,There seems to be a real taste shop in Machida, Tokyo.

・ The Machida store is amazing

The name of the shop is "Jasmine Palace". Mr. Tao, a Vietnamese living in Japan, felt uncomfortable with the taste of a Vietnamese restaurant in Japan,The Jasmine Palace Machida store had a taste of "This is it!".

Tao"I went to some chain stores,Only Machida store has a really authentic tasteThat was it. The taste is strong. I can't say it well. "

It is said that Mr. Tao thought that the jasmine palace was particularly delicious were Bunbohue and spring rolls.What kind of food is Bunbohue? I went to Jasmine Palace Machida right away.

・ The mystery of Bunbohue

This shop is located on the 9th floor of Machida Modi, a shopping mall in front of Machida Station on the Odakyu Line. Looking at the store menu, there was just a set of Bunbohue and spring rolls. I see, Bunbohue is "collagen beef soup noodle" …What is "collagen beef soup noodle"?じ ゃ Isn't the information packed into one menu too much?

So I entered the store and ordered Bunbohue and spring roll E set. There are two types of E-sets: a simple one with a tax of 1093 yen and a slightly luxurious one with a tax of 1371 yen.

・ The identity of Bunbohue

The cheaper one has two types of spring rolls: fresh spring rolls and fried spring rolls, and the higher ones are likely to add "steamed spring rolls, fried shrimp, salads, desserts and drinks" there. I first heard of steamed spring rolls, so I ordered a luxury E set. Then …

Something came in a huge amount.

Spring rolls lined with Obonashi in Obon. The amount of Bumbohue is also louder than expected.It seems that there is a lot of room for Fuji Soba. In addition, Bumbohue is not only in volume but also in content.

・ Taste of Bunbohue

Beef streaks like dokan and lid for the first time in a bowl. A soup that is as impressive as the soup noodle is also distinctive. But where are the noodles?と こ ろ When I searched the bottom of the bowl with chopsticks …white!

The noodles that came out were as white as bleached. The thickness is like super-thick pasta, but the noodles are so white that they look like udon. What kind of taste it is …

It's not as tasty as pasta, and it's not as moody as udon. Although the chewy texture is unique,It is very slippery and the throat is very refreshing.

In addition, the soup is also refreshing because it has a consomme-like refreshing taste and tangy spiciness. Still, the taste is not thin, and it is well-formed as a soup or noodle soup.You can drink it and you can eat it. As expected, soup noodles.

Also, what is nice to be plainWhat the punkie comes up in a separate dish. Dislikes can be enjoyed without a punk. I felt that these areas were tuned properly for Japanese.

・ Steamed spring roll

Next, when I ate steamed spring rolls, the texture of fluffy fluff spreads in my mouth after the moist skin texture.

Perhaps the skin feels like between a wonton and a mochi, and the taste is not as strong as fried spring rolls.The taste that spreads like exploding at the moment of biting seems to be a habit.

That's why the "Jasmine Palace Machida Store", which the Vietnamese called "real taste", was a nice restaurant for Japanese tongues. In particular, I think it's refreshing, but it's not thin and has a deep taste that makes it a habit. Please when you want to eat refreshingly.

・ Information of stores introduced this time

Store nameJasmine Palace Machida
Street address66-2-6 Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo
business hours11: 00-23: 00
Regular holidayIrregular holidays (according to Machida Modi)

Report:Seiji Nakazawa
Photo: Rocketnews24.


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