There was a super-cold winter suit found at the work clothes shop “Mushoumatsu”! A lawless pine in Kyushu's work supply store is too big for men!

The fashionable “workman” is very popular recently, but the work clothes shop that has the most familiar & spirited atmosphere in Kyushu is still “Lawless pine" The overwhelming power released from the name and the rugged storefront are supported by many fans, especially the Kyushu boys. Anyway, it looks good.

Of course there is a workman in Kyushu, but I want Mr. Masumatsu to warm up in the cold winter. So when I visited a store near my home, I found the best level of COSPAWaterproof cold protection suitI found If the top and bottom set is 4300 yen …? This might be a buy!

・ To Lawless Pine

In the lawless pine store where work clothes and work supplies necessary for field work are gathered. By the way, Speaking of Muhomatsu's original products is “Work gloves" What is the focus on “Gloves”, the most important item in field work? As expected, it is the lawless pine of the work clothes shop.

Now, after checking the work gloves corner, I found the waterproof / cold suit of 4300 yen including tax that I mentioned at the beginning. This was made by rainwear manufacturer MacThermo Saver II"It's a cold rain suit." To put it simply, it is “rainy” in Gachi.

Looking at the price tag, it is usually 5800 yen, but it is 4300 yen at a special price for a limited time. If the heavy rain of the Gaten system is good, it can withstand even the harsh winter. Outside work will be enough. So I decided to buy it.

The workman does not handle the product.Ability of cold protection suit chosen as lawless pineWhat is …

・ Thermo Saver II

From the conclusion, the black and white rain suits look pretty plain …The cold protection equipment is quite excellentwas. First of all, the outer lining and trousers are quilted with a thick padding, which is excellent for heat retention.

AndWrist guard functionCompletely shut out the wrist clearance. If you work outside, you can do your work from above. Isn't it functional enough? What about the actual comfort and mobility?

・ It was super

So when I actually wear it …Quite heavy. It ’s a heavy weight, but it ’s worth it. The neck is warm like a muffler. The trouser rubber is tight and there are adjustment straps so you don't have to worry about slipping off. It's easy to move.

In addition, because the side is not stretched, the shoulder circumference is not too painful. However, it may be a little inconvenient if there are no pockets on the pants. But that's the point I was worried about. Let alone cold protection functionSufficient durability and mobility. It can be said that it is an excellent cold protection suit for COSPA.

Workmen's work clothes and outdoor wear that continue to advance rapidly tend to attract attention, but lawless pine is lined with a lot of sturdy, high-performance, and easy-to-use items. There are also abundant work clothes that you like, so if you have a chance, please visit Mutsumatsu.

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Report:Masanori Sandako

Photo: RocketNews24.

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