“There was not a”Kobayashi Pharmaceutical M&A hopes

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical to me, and not have new products to offer or expect a wait. Well-known streets of the corporate slogan of””Have”you”.

【Here】Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s”your”MLM is not about power!

This winter a”warm winter”of expected that. But, I have spinal stenosis suffering from the winter”from the waist to the right foot of numbness, pain”combating forced to. Orthopedic surgeon at the discretion of”neurological pain relieve the infusion of”Week 1 once received from”back pain from the bloodstream promoting is important”and said tail 骶 bone at the top of the left and right lengthwise into 2 pieces of the disposable tension is surpassed.

The winter before Kobayashi Pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions announced. The opponent is”Cairo”in the field into our in 2001 became a subsidiary of Tung ash chemistry. Taisho 4th year [1915] in”Cairo ash”the launch of the”beginning warm up”to the main products[disposable,legs cold no wonder some lower]to expand your enterprise.

This measures about Tung ash chemistry”we long to developed technology, leveraging both domestic and foreign Cairo・thermal products and the development of new products by the sales force to strengthen and enhance the competitiveness necessary for the judgment”as that. Tung ash chemical technology, utilizing the better”[for me]was not”a product of appearance mindful.

And by the way, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical for the analyst in charge of the evaluation of the”air freshener [blue top,White data], or it may be an easy topical analgesic[Anne Merz], and Bonn [contact 洗眼薬], such as which was the first of its kind in Japan, products often. The existing division of spread・the deep development of products and focus on that. In addition to this, you can see for like,new to insomnia, such as various fatigue prescription and herbal medicine to advance in the field such as the movement of that. Glitz it’s not steady walks continue”in the match.

And Kobayashi Pharmaceutical equity investments as the target of creation of the big companies can. Before the 12 month period, 21 consecutive Final increase to continue, a record high net updates continue. We also”3.3%of sales[1730 billion], 3.8%of operating profit [¥27.3 billion], 5.4%of the final profit [¥19.0 billion], 2 the dividend by ¥ 68 JPY distributing[22 consecutive dividend increase]”planning is the rise and disclosed only for 1-9 Months Ended of plan for Progress”68%,74%,80%”and landing on anxiety is not.

Incidentally, the company’s shares 17 years 1 month [17 years 12 months]of opening shop in the school at the time of creation: ownership,source of funds is the stock price performance nearly 75% increase. “Have”and shares one corner of the example. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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