There's nothing more personal than a fingerprint! Innovative custom style offered by Porsche

Porsche Exclusive Manufacturing is a custom division where Porsche artisans show their skills. From the exterior to the interior, we create only one Porsche according to each customer's request. Not only is it custom to use carbon for the interior, it can of course also improve its performance.

And this time, a new custom method is born. Porsche Exclusive Manufacturing has developed a more direct printing technology than ever before. This is a car with the beauty of an inkjet photo as it is, and the 911 with a fingerprint printed on the hood was released as one of the first units to start the project.

It seems that the owner who prints the fingerprint on the hood in this way can actually select it. Anyone who wants this unusual custom can take a fingerprint at the Porsche Center and send it to the Zuffenhausen factory where they can engrave their fingerprint on their car. First, a craftsman removes the hood and sends it to a paint shop in Zuffenhausen for printing. On top of the print, a clear coat is overlaid and grossed. The software says that the scanned fingerprint data is not abused.

The concept is, "Personality is very important to Porsche customers. Nothing can show individual differences beyond their fingerprints."

The fingerprint print service is currently planned for Germany only and will start next month. The custom cost is 7,500 euros [about 900,000 yen].

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