Theseus's ship: “Sano” Ryohei Suzuki's eerie expression makes viewers “powerful…”…

The first episode of the serial drama "Theseus's Ship", in which actor Ryoma Takeuchi will star for the first time in the TBS drama frame "Sunday Theater" [Sunday 9:00 pm], will be broadcast on a 25-minute enlarged version on January 19 Was done. In the same story, Bungo Sano, a death row prisoner who was arrested in a 31-year-old "Otou small indiscriminate murder case" dressed as Ryohei Suzuki, forcibly pulled the child's arm in the past. There are scenes going to the snowy mountains and scenes with eerie expressions, etc., SNS has many voices saying "I am scared of smiling …" "I do not know whether it is a murderer or not" "" Powerful … , Showed excitement.

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