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The song "tea picking" that I learned in the music class, the lyrics at the beginning of the song, "Eighty-eight nights approaching summer", expresses the timing of tea picking as the title says. The 88th night of 2020 was May 1st. In other words, the tea that is on the market right now is the reason why freshly picked new tea is used.

This time, we renewed to enjoy such tea to your heart's contentLawsonIntroducing the Ice Matcha Latte!

■ Dark ~ Matcha latte is an adult taste

Ice matcha latte, a type of drink that you can order directly at the cash register. By the way, matcha and milk are put separately. Therefore, the dark green color of matcha and the white color of milk are two layers, which is very beautiful. You can tell the concentration of matcha from the fact that the color of the matcha drink is very deep!

It seems that the famous matcha tea is from the famous Tsujiri Honten. Matcha and Kyoto are famous stores that are so famous that they come up with equals! Authentic, isn't it?

Matcha latte full of harmony

After stirring the ice cream matcha latte, it turned into a delicious green grass color. A bite at once!

This is dark!

While having the astringency and bitterness peculiar to matcha, the fresh and fresh scent of fresh green leaves the nose. The intensity is distinct from the matcha latte that I have been drinking so far… It really feels like a genuine Japanese taste.

However, milk spreads in the mouth as if it weren't defeated by matcha, and it asserts its presence with a different strength from matcha. It has a deep richness, and it softly neutralizes the bitterness of matcha. That doesn't mean I'm too persistent, and I don't feel clinging to my tongue. The aftertaste is cleaner than I expected.

The overall sweetness is very modest. It seems that you are using sugar made from sugar cane called Sudokuto, but this sugar that has a gentle sweetness is really sweet, eh… Oita The claim is not very good. However, the flavors of matcha and milk can be directly felt by that amount, so if you can, please take a sip without gum syrup etc. at first.

Adjust the taste to your liking

As mentioned above, the sweetness is fairly modest, so please add gum syrup etc. and adjust the taste if you like. At Lawson, you can get gum syrup and milk for taste adjustment at the store, so it may be good to try various things.

The author also took great care, so I got milk and added it to the ice cream matcha latte. This time, I will try the gum syrup and enjoy it with the adult flavor. In this state, people who are not good at sweets will be able to drink! The addition of milk added a richness and made it more mellow.

Of course, it's delicious without adding anything, but it's fun to find your favorite taste. Please try to find your favorite taste!

Lawson's iced green tea latte that fits well in any scene, drinking on a hot day, drinking on a cool day. Why don't you feel the Japanese heart with strong matcha? Please enjoy the authentic matcha latte!

Store: Lawson
Menu: Ice Matcha Latte
Price: 280 yen (tax included)
Official site:Lawson "Ice Matcha Latte"

(Sentence/Photograph ☆Shuuuuhi☆)
(Edit: Karko)

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