Things to be aware of when participating and what to harvest│Thanks for the driving lesson Part 2

Now, I decided to take part in a driving lesson. What do you get there? The first partHere

① What kind of attitude should inexperienced and beginners participate in?
If you take a full-day lesson, no one can acquire all driving skills in the professional field … It's just a waste of gas and tires to take part in the lesson.

From the standpoint of the racing driver, especially from the perspective of the racing driver, if you look at the skills of the students, you should be able to figure out how much to teach, but from this side, "Please tell me about this as well. I think that they will only be confused that there is no reason to be taught what they can't do if it is one point.

The same can be said for sports such as golf, but in my experience … I don't say anything about professionals who are good at teaching. Or, even if it is full of things that you can't do, it will focus your attention on what you have decided at that time.

Course layout that is exposed to low speed and high speed conditions that are hard to hit the wind. If the weather is hot, we recommend that you take measures such as lowering the oil temperature by slowly blowing wind on a peripheral road or in a safe place on the site each time you drive.

For inexperienced / beginners, if you tell them that you are honest, they will give you advice after considering a reasonable menu. There is no doubt that a new world will come into view when we reassess our own flow in a straightforward manner.

First of all, it is ant to try running until the limit characteristics are soaked in the body, or to practice real full braking etc. which can not be easily done normally. Stop the car completely where you want it to be. It seems very easy, but this is quite difficult. This is all the more true for non-ABS vehicles up to the G series.

[2] Experienced people, intermediate-advanced people, and people who want to produce results in race / time attack?
First of all, in the lesson of the day, it is important to decide the goal that you want to wear and take home. As I mentioned in the section of inexperienced / beginners, throw away the guts of each and concentrate on 1-2 points. There was a clear statement in a private lesson by Mr. Kaichi Wakisaka or a lesson by a famous racing driver such as "Sago School" sponsored by Mr. Sunako.

“If I want to get results in a race or a time attack. Of course, I will do it in a spartan format with such lectures. Amae is a tough content that doesn't work.”

Private lesson by Kaoru Wakisaka. Usually there are 5 to 6 people, but at most 10 people. As a result, the number of times of driving increases and the content becomes richer.

Sunago school held by the director. There is also a small number of people on the menu, and not only the principal's racing advice, but also the instructor Takafumi Higashifukaya is present, and there is a sense of security that responds to introductory questions, advices, and detailed responses. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, you'll know what you don't understand.

This is all. Their world is a world where even if it is the first car to race, the next job will be lost unless the characteristics are understood in the out lap and the result is not made in the next lap. Perhaps it's no wonder that someone who has been confident in his own way or who has a certain degree of confidence can be shocked enough to completely overthrow the way he thinks about driving a car faster. That is unavoidable. That is the difference between an expert and an amateur. In other words, a racing driver's lesson, where such words naturally occur, is quite high-level and intense.

③ Don't be shy and dress
Even though it's a small-group lesson, it's not good to be concerned about your peers, friends, and the eyes of other participants who may meet for the first time that day. It is important to understand that it is a precious day to improve yourself, regardless of whether you win or lose or who is the best. Flashy brake lock, intense underloading due to insufficient load, spins and snaps that often occur when steering and throttle are not dealt with in time … Face the lesson with a feeling of overdoing it. At that time, if you repeatedly experience mistakes that seem shameful and learn how to deal with them, you may surely approach the professional field with real confidence.

You may be more concerned about how to hold the steering wheel, the driving position, and the more experienced you are, but you should accept the advice of experts and put it into practice. To the extent that you are overconfident, you will realize the wide gap between experts and amateurs.

④ Anyway try various things
In private lessons, dress is often relatively free. It's safe to take a lesson in your usual driving style, and it's easy to adapt. However, assuming races and sports driving, it is okay to take classes with full equipment including HANS. At this time, it is also good to teach how to properly install the HANS device and how to tighten the full harness properly. When wearing a helmet and tightening your body with a full harness of 4 points or more and running on the circuit, oh? I think that there are many people who have experienced something different from usual.

Using a helmet, racing suit, HANS device, or even a full harness to participate in a lesson is also significant. Experts should also be taught how to properly use racing gear. It is not easy to hear about the tricks of properly tightening the harness by one person.

It is natural if you analyze calmly. The shoulders do not float when the body is firmly bound to the seat with a full harness. Experienced persons will understand that the limbs and the head are fixed so that they cannot move except for the head. As for the head, the thickness of the back of the helmet is added between the head and the headrest, and the position of the head itself changes and the eye point changes. Some of these differences make us forget about our usual times and get impatient. Races and sports runs that run for a limited time in such impatience only add stress, but there is plenty of time for lessons. Adjust the seat position until you are satisfied and get used to it.

In addition, it is a special course for lessons that often finish running in tens of seconds, but if you are too enthusiastic and you are not accustomed to sports driving, you will hold your breath more than necessary and you will be overbreathing after running. This is also similar to the symptoms that we amateurs often fall into on the circuit. The reason is nothing but sports driving is still "non-daily". Is it easy to understand that it is the racing driver who does it like "daily breathing"?

They should not have a one-shot time attack run in qualifying for each lap in the final. The image is their "natural" way of running in their final lap. We carry out all the operations in a normal manner, and run until we can approach our daily driving.

⑤ Driving position = To conquer 911 …
I dare to write the most important driving position at the end. This is the biggest harvest I was shocked by.

Before taking lessons … I preferred the position where I could raise my seat back by myself, and now I am sleeping. Of course, the position up to the pedal does not change, and the steering wheel is brought close to the body, and the setup is completed so that the arm does not have power. At first, I was afraid of half-confidence, but I gradually changed the angle, and now I could understand what it means, and it is the maximum lying position. 0G state with the seat back lying on the seat = the position where the body naturally relies on gravity when stopped.

Set up the seat angle, which was the biggest harvest in the Wakisaka lesson. It's fun to go along little by little and find out what is the correct answer. With this alone, not only the fear of sudden oversteer → spin disappears, but it also leads to confidence. Rather than recklessly resorting to reckless techniques and component modifications, there's nothing better than having a tweak-in-your-own mod that shows up in the results.

When cornering is entered in this position and the tire begins to generate cornering force, it becomes easier to feel the lateral G from the waist to the back → the shoulders. The time when the force that can be pressed is great is near the maximum grip of the tire, and the moment when it begins to weaken is the state where the grip is defeated.

As you become more accustomed to this, your ability to detect G becomes sharper, so you can control the counter and throttle in time and suppress spin. Also, if the seat surface is angled, it is possible to reduce the exhaustion of physical strength because the deceleration G during full braking is no longer required to rely on the left foot to step on the footrest. Of course, you can experience it with normal seats / steering, but if you want to try the limits even more, such as sports driving on the circuit, I would recommend replacing with bucket type seats or deep cone steering.

In the midwinter Fuji P7 lesson, there are also such by-products. When the sunset approached and the temperature dropped, the water sprinkled frozen and became a frozen road surface. Assuming there are guardrails and oncoming vehicles around you, try entering the frozen area. You can safely feel fear. Also, if it is 964 or later, it should be useful to play with making full use of its excellent ABS to stop at the target position.

As I've written for a long time, I can enjoy exploring the limits of 911 in a safe place in driving lessons like this. What you get in a full-day lesson is far greater than what you get in a 30-minute or an hour circuit sports run.

Wakisaka Lesson and Sunago Cram School participants. All of them smiled after taking intense lessons all day long. Driving lessons that are useful not only for sports driving and racing on the circuit but also for avoiding emergency crisis on public roads. If you can say “ I can feel relieved because of 911 '' by conquering 911 instead of refraining from riding while riding a 911 that has a peculiar layout and is easily said to be dangerous, your Porsche life will be further enhanced Must be.

And sports driving after participating in lessons many times will be much more enjoyable than before.

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