Third win in Canon reversal "I was able to win my confidence"

Canon stopped the streak with 2 and won the third victory. This season's record was 3 wins and 3 losses.

In the first half 4 minutes, a first try and a goal were presented. In the same minute, Yu Tamura [31], 19-year World Cup representative from Japan, attacked the narrow side, and finally made a try by connecting to FB Michael Bond [33]. Close to two points, WTB Hosea Saumaki [27] tried to reverse in the 12th minute. During the match, it rained and, starting at 11:45 am, he relentlessly caught a white star under conditions of lighting.

"I was able to win in tough conditions. I was a little confident, but I was able to win that." Regarding Tamura who hurt the back of his left thigh, he said, "I would like a doctor to diagnose and understand the extent of [injury]."

Sanix lost three consecutive losses. This season's result was 2 wins and 4 losses.

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