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Health equipment of the leading data of YATA Chisato President,this year 6 month on the”the work Revolution”published. Data is from 2017 to employees of the applicants sole proprietorship reduction activities, and for some employees this new way of working, choose the independent. The efforts of the employees to the sole proprietor can work towards the reform of regulations applicable to escape that criticism, The Voice also many.

【Here】Data of the”employee of the sole proprietorship reduction”system,independent ex-employees of many of the income increase

On the other hand, a leading company in the Studio to take the employees of the sole proprietorship as a result of the investigation to proceed companies are also increasing. Major long-established component manufacturer is actually human resources is a veteran employee of the sole proprietorship results and discussion rush. This company is a highly specialized veteran from the employee,”after retirement is a sole proprietorship company as a contract with the”want to separate the desired voice, and a specific study.

Against this background, is IT the development of sideline and independence and the environment was a big factor as considered. Major listed companies of the employees,as a sideline expertise in writing and the Advisor of the work the contractors have. The leading spot consulting for Visa and head of client use, and at home in spare time on the PC at work only a month, 15 million yen or more of the sideline money to do that.

METI’s announcement, according to the sideline applicants from 2007 until 2017 to 23%has also been increased, and this trend is expected to continue.

This year 10 beginning of the active job openings-to-applicants ratio is 1. 59 times, people who want to work in somewhere employed on a”full employment state”. In addition, Japanese companies in year 2008 after the so-called”job-finding ice age”, the hiring freeze for 20s-40s and the first half of the middle tier is chronically missing state.

The productivity of highly talented people is what this company even a few hours a week I don’t even want to come and think, and sideline personnel the company has advanced expertise in human resources to resolve the problem of the shortage of effective means. Also, the employees of sole proprietors into one,the company belonging to the excellent talent of the independence and the talent of job change and turnover preventing effect can be expected.

For excellent human resource, companies need excellent human resources of the desire of working to realize money is not the only incentive of the grant, work engagement and improve trying to do.

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