This is original! "Classic car that became the motif of Mitsuoka Butte" A masterpiece of a small luxury and high performance saloon Jaguar Mark 2-1

A gorgeous interior that embodies the tradition of luxury British cars in a compact, 4-door body that offers elegant beauty.
On the other hand, the power unit is an inline 6-cylinder twin cam from a racing car. Jaguar Mark 2, the pioneer of high-end and high-performance saloons, has arrived. Masterpiece saloon which became original story of Mitsuoka Bute

Jaguar's classic saloon, Mark 2. In Japan, it may be easier to say that it is a “ classical car that has become the motif of the Mitsuoka Bute '', but an automobile that pioneered the genre of “ high-performance sports saloon '' with a relatively small body equipped with a large displacement engine It is a masterpiece that remains in history. The original model was the original small jaguar "2.4 / 3.4L" that appeared in 1955. It will make its debut in the fall of 1959 as an evolutionary version with drastic improvements.

ジ ャ The Jaguar 2.4 / 3.4L, which was called "Mark 1" after the appearance of Mark 2, is the first model to use a monocoque body in Jaguar history. It is equipped with an in-line 6-cylinder "XK unit" with an advanced twin cam head at the time in a compact 4-door saloon body with a total length of 4590mm and a total width of 1700mm. In particular, the "3.4L" gained 210ps, and at the time was a pioneer in the genre of "high-performance sports saloons" that did not exist anywhere in the world.

tail lamp
This car is one of the reasons behind what is called “the ultimate in car beauty”. The body line that descends with a gentle curve and the rear wheel house with spats show classic beauty. The tail lamp is a general-purpose product manufactured by Lucas. It was slightly larger than the Mark 1 era.

Trunk room
The trunk room boasts a practical luggage space for a stylish styling. The cooler unit in the back is made by Toshiba Electric of Japan. The old cursive logo "Toshiba" is engraved.

At Mark 2, many vehicles are equipped with optional wire wheels, but this vehicle is a combination of standard iron wheels and a center cap. This is also attractive.

Published: Nostalgic Hero, February 2017, Vol.179 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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