This is ramen soup !? I met a lot of shocks at the “Noodle Shop Goku chicken” rumored to be the strongest concentration in Kyoto / Kyoto Ramen Tour

Eat a delicious ramen restaurant in KyotoKyoto ramen tour" This time, one of the most popular shops in Kyoto"Noodle shopLet's visit.

This store gains overwhelming support at the sacred place Ichijoji. The name of the store suggests that it is a chicken-based ramen, but what does it taste like? There was a radical encounter that could overturn the concept of ramen!

・ It is full at the same time as opening!

Ichijoji Temple has many famous shops. Among them, we will introduce a particularly large number of customers this time."Noodle shopIt is. Its popularity is tremendous, and the writer visited at the same time as the opening [11:30], but the store is already full. I waited for 40 minutes.

When you receive a numbered ticket, you can tell us the approximate guidance time, so you can leave the store until that time.

HoweverWait for the ramen shop while taking a walk in Ramen StreetBecause it requires a strong mental. I'm going to lose my temptation and enter another store … I'm patient!

・ Shock concentration

Forty minutes to wait with a long neck and wait, the turn finally came.

There are four types of ramen: chicken, red, black, and fish. The base soup is the same. The basic form is chicken, and the other three are slightly different in taste with chili and fishmeal.

I orderedChicken [800 yen]. I knew from prior information that it was a thick soup that condensed the taste of chicken. I knew it!

What appeared was a soup that became too semi-solid because its concentration was too high! It's not even known what soup can be called!

thisPancake before bakingWow! “You can eat it with your fingers!

・ Taste claim battle

Aside from that, what about the taste? Muddy soup is more than a soup with chicken stock"The chicken has just turned into soup."The taste. The taste of chicken condensed to the limit is insisting on Guigui.

And what's interesting is that there is a battle of taste in a ramen bowl. The pork is a thick-cut pig, and Menma is a very thick type. Noodles are also thick.

This is the author's guess, but using ingredients that have a strong texture for each ingredient may be a device to avoid being buried in the strong soup personality."Wai is also here"It seems that the voice of Menma and char siu can be heard.

By the way, the thick soup pulls the noodles,Lifting noodles gets tired.Too heavy, “I can't lift the noodles!” I was about to scream at Yuji Oda when I was trying to block the Rainbow Bridge. Like to eat after training your strength!

・ Go my way

Because of my age … It was a little hard for me to drink so much soup. It's true that it's a ramen shop where the tastes are divided or the visitors are chosen.

However, I would like to give applause obediently to the attitude that sticks to the game with a super-thick soup, not the taste of meeting everyone. One of the best ramen in Kyoto. I'm sure each person is addicted, but I think it's worth a meal!

・ Store information introduced this time

Store nameNoodle shop
Street address, 29-7 Ichijoji Nishi-Kyokawaramachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
time11:30-22:00 [End as soon as soup runs out] holidayMoon

Report:Great Muromachi

Photo: RocketNews24.

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