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We will deliver a real food review of "Cacao Fruit Desale" which is sold for a limited time until February 14 at "Kit Kat Chocolatry" Ginza Main Store.

Valentine-limited chocolate "cocoa fruit dessert"

Approximately 20 cm of cacao hot mold cake that looks like cocoa to cocoa and foodKit Kat Chocolate Cocoa Fruit Tale]At Kit Kat Chocolatery Ginza Main Store 2F CafeLimited to 10 meals a day until February 14 (Fri)It is Valentine limited chocolate that has appeared in.

Moviegenic production

The first thing that gets a lot of looks is the visuals that look like real cacao pots!

And if you put warm cacao halves here?

The cocoa hot chocolate will melt.

Appearing out of the melted chocolate is plenty of fresh cream imaged with the image of cacao fruit.

Underneath are seven kinds of fruits, Ichiko, Ras Herry, Full Herry, Kiwi, Pussy, Crepe Fruit, Orenshi, and Chef's special skewers and chocolate cream.

▼ Cacao fruit cross section

A new charm of cacao using cacao half

"Cacao Half-Fruce", used to melt chocolate, is a special juice made from the white pulp covering the cacao beans.

Kitkat is the first in the world to dry and powder this "Cacao Half" on November 29, 2019 (Friday), and instead of sugar, "Cacao Fruit Chocolate" has been released.

Valentine-only sweets "Cacao Fruit Tale" says that "Cacao Fruit Chocolate" is also used in the chocolate part in addition to "Cacao Harvest Smelt" which melts chocolate.

It's a limited sweet that lets you taste the whole cacao.

▼ Raw cacao on display. The white part is "Cacao Half"

When drinking "Cacao Half-Fruce" as it was, it had a citrus-like sour and sharp sweetness. It had some softness like a lactic acid beverage, and it tasted like lychee and never tasted before.

Expectations will expand as to what kind of taste this chocolate will combine with this "cocoa palm juice".

Combination of fruity chocolate and fresh fruit

Finally, the real food! We had a special half size at the tasting party.

First of all, please leave it as it is without applying “Cacao Harbour Sewage”.

It is said that cacao palm is mixed with fresh cream, so fresh cream with fresh sweetness matches fresh fruit exquisitely.

Sweetness is a rather modest impression. It is just like an adult cake.

In the back there is a hiding squishy and chocolate cream.

Chocolate cream has a strong cocoa flavor and is rich. Excellent compatibility with moist viscuy.

Now, it's time to play "Kakao Half-Life"!

Cover the chocolate lid that was attached to the side, and pour "cocoa palm juice".

Then the chocolate melts out … this is fun!

When I applied “Kakao Harvest”, the whole cake turned sour and refreshed! The chocolate part with cacao half-fruit is the taste of the first experience that feels sour with bitter.

The overall impression was that the sweetness was modest, or that it was an adult luxurious sweet that had the taste of a material that did not deceive with "sweetness".

Special sweets made with new chocolates that have never been eaten are the perfect item for memories of special occasions. Please check out Valentine's Sweets, which is limited to 10 meals a day.

Store: Kit Kat Chocolatery Ginza Main Store 2F (3-7-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Menu: Kit Kat Chocolate Cocoa Fruit
Price: 3,000 yen (excluding tax)
Sale period: January 23 (Thu)-February 14 (Fri) * 10 meals a day only
store information:Kit Kat Chocolatery Ginza Main Store
Official press release:20200122_kitkat.pdf

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