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What do you think of summer fruits? There are surprisingly many plums, pineapples, melons, mangoes, and summer fruits. Did you know? ‥

However, most people think of summer fruits as watermelons. It is no exaggeration to say that watermelon splitting is a summer tradition.

The strongest drink using such a summer fruit king watermelon is "Tully's]Is back. "Watermelon squeeze 100%" I would like to convey its deliciousness.

■All from the top to the bottom made of watermelon

Have you ever wondered if a watermelon is made up of more than half the water content? I thought many times that I would like to make the juice that overflows from the pulp contained in my mouth into a drink. It was Tully's who made such a dream come true.

100% fruit juice using black beauty watermelon

Watermelon Squeeze 100% As its name suggests, it is made of 100% watermelon juice. A special gem that uses black beauty watermelon from Vietnam. By the way, black beauty watermelon is a variety that has a crispy texture, but it seems to be Tully's Han to ignore such characteristics and make it a drink…

Breast Kyun with a refreshing sweetness

I will drink 100% squishy watermelon immediately. I was impressed by the deliciousness that I could unconsciously continue sucking when I took a sip. There is a slight blue odor unique to the Cucurbitaceae, but the sweetness and refreshingness of the fresh fruit that exceeds it is overwhelming. It is a mysterious charm that makes you want to drink when you have a thirst.

The remnants of the flesh of the fruit that sometimes jump into your mouth make you entertain and enjoy. If you can do it, you may want to drink plenty of Grande size without worrying about the remaining amount, but 100% of watermelon squeeze is available only in Tall size… that's the only disappointment from the heart.

The recommended custom is definitely tapioca watermelon squishy 100%

It's a great Tully's, so I definitely want to customize it and enjoy it. However, I don't think water cream and espresso shots fit well… The savior at that time is tapioca topping.

At Tully's, tapioca can be used as a drink for 100 yen, but its versatility is enhanced. You can use the royal road tapioca milk tea, or add it to your regular tapioca drink to make it even more fun.

In addition, tapioca used to be a topping only for summer, but recently, topping is OK even in winter! When you add tapioca to a hot drink, it becomes soft and has a texture like warabi mochi.

It's such a talented tapioca, but of course it's perfect for 100% water squeeze! The coolly cooled tapioca has the best crispness. 100% of watermelon squeeze shines the original character of Tapioca without disturbing.

And above all, the appearance of watermelon is greatly improved. Red juice and black tapioca can only be seen as watermelon seeds. Moreover, this seed is sticky and delicious…

By the way, there are times when tapioca gets into the ice gap and it is a bit difficult to drink, so please give up only that. Rather, if you know how to drink tapioca well without being disturbed by ice, I would like to ask the author to give it a try… Thank you! ‥

The perfect summer drink with 100% watermelon squeeze, either as it is or with tapioca toppings! Please drink and feel the summer. You might be addicted to its deliciousness!

Store: Tully’s
Menu: Watermelon squishy 100%
Tall 510 yen (excluding tax)
Official site:Tully’s “Watermelon Squeeze 100%”

(Sentence/Photograph ☆Shuuuuhi☆)
(Edit: Karko)

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