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This one after washing your face! A new color “Majorica Mallorca Milky Skin Mask PU (Pink Lavender)” appears in the morning mask!

This is the only morning skincare and base!

A new color that can be applied after washing the face, applying lotion, milky lotion, moisturizing mask, tone-up, and makeup base for morning use."Majorica Mallorca Milky Skin Mask PU (Pink Lavender)"Has joined! Tone up while taking care of the skin after washing the face, and it will cover yellowing with a pink base effect. Let's try the new color of a revolutionary mask to make a big success in a busy morning!

Majorica A new color appears in Majorca's morning mask!

Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd.Mask for morning use, which has become a hot topic around SNS from the self-makeup brand “Majorica Mallorca”"Majorica Mallorca Milky Skin Mask" (2 colors, 45g, suggested retail price 1,200 yen before tax, existing color: on sale, new color: released on November 21, 2019)New color pink lavender appears!

"Majorica Mallorca Milky Skin Mask PU (Pink Lavender)"Is a revolutionary milk-like mask that can be applied to the skin after facial cleansing, and can be used as a lotion, emulsion, moisturizing mask, tone-up, and makeup base.

I have heard of a mask for night use, but it is rare for a mask for morning use. This is the only item that can be said to be a short-time special item, as it can complete skin care and tone-up after the face wash.

Moreover, the new color is a pink base effect that gives a yellowish cover and a slight ruddy color. Even in busy morning hours, this is what makes a woman's “cute” come true.

A white skin with a cute impression with a slight bloody color and moisture is completed.

Try the new color pink lavender!

Mallorica A cute package like Mallorca. I feel happy from the morning.

As a guide, the amount of use is 2 pearl grains.

Apply to the entire face after washing. Because it has a fresh milky texture, it stretches quickly and smoothly.

A refreshing pink mint floral scent that feels slightly sweet. A perfect scent in the morning.

The mask is complete when the skin surface is smooth and smooth!

The skin was moisturized and bright white skin as after the sheet mask was applied. A slight bloody feeling is also added to create a cute impression.

After the mask, the foundation is piled up from the top. Because it has smooth skin, makeup is improved!

The foundation was firmly attached to the skin, resulting in a smooth and beautiful finish.

After washing your face, skincare, tone-up and base makeup are completed in just two steps: this milky skin mask and foundation. I was impressed by the moisturizing and satisfying finish even if I pulled my hand.

Recommended for those who want to get their morning skin care done quickly, those who are concerned about yellowing, and those who want to have a cute white skin with a slight added color.

By the way, this new color “PU (Pink Lavender)” is a blue base color that gives a yellowish cover and a bloody feel. If you are worried about acne or redness, you should choose the existing color “GR (Mint Green)” that is closer to the yellow base.

Purchase from drug stores, variety shops and online shops nationwide!

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