This week's beauty book: Nogizaka and Yuki Yoda are in bed at a hotel with Cami x Suppin! …

「" This week's beauty pictorial book "that introduces topics of beauty and beautiful girls for a week. This time [February 15-21], the topic that the cut-up cut of the camisole was pre-released from the second photo collection of Yuki Yoda of the idol group "Nogizaka 46", the super squadron series "Keeping Squadron Lupine Ranger VS Police Squadron" Tsukasa Myojin of "Patranger" / Kazusa Okuyama, an actress known for Patren No. 3, and Sakurako Okubo, an actress who played Hammy / Chameleon Green at "Space Sentai KyuRanger", are all talking about their swimsuits. collected.

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