“This would read”ability for the first time from a particular autism treatment helped establish Niigata University, etc

According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and welfare and autism symptoms with the percentage of people, about 100 people to 1 person they’re able to do things they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. But autism is the brain behind the mechanism of the mysteries is many. Niigata University is 1 day, hominid animals for the first time after all those others, of this ability to read that there is a demonstrated and announced.

【Here】自閉 spectrum disease and schizophrenia the onset of a mechanism to overlap there

■Autism spectrum disorders

Developmental disabilities, which is one of the autism spectrum disorders [hereafter,autism], and others, the thoughts and feelings of fetch this and the air, the ability to read the development of is delayed because. Others to understand making sure that you are getting the way as one of the”contaminant telekinetic challenges”there. The opponent’s false belief understanding,the actions of the opponent to correctly predict whether the contaminant just in case issues confirmed by.

Contaminant case assignment when the medial prefrontal cortex, including the brain circuits in the wide range of activities that images of the brain, by the study revealed. But others understand the features and direct causal relationship between one part of the brain is identified, this did not.

■The human closest to the macaque monkeys in experiments

Niigata University,quantum science and technology research and development,Fukushima Medical University researchers from the consisting of Group focus was the neuroscience of animal models as in humans, the closest macaque monkeys only. Contaminant just solving problems the ability to mark is, if it has brain activity and behavior of the causal relationships found can be thought.

Research Group, the mark of a kind of the videos to show that contaminant just give you an assignment. Nerve function to suppress the gene in the medial prefrontal cortex was expressed with monkeys,normal monkeys in the video, showing the eye movement of a contaminant just based on the actions of the opponent can be predicted that the aim of this study was to investigate whether.

As a result, the normal is the line of sight bias is confirmed contaminant just a series of tasks, but the nerve function is suppressed, side from the gaze of the bias to changes in the permitted to others of this understanding can not be proved.

The cause of autism and gyri road the full scope of this experiment is not revealed. In the future nerve function to suppress the gene to be expressed,inside the frontal lobes of the path of others of this understanding and some clarification of the expected. This condition is identified,treatment of to establish the contribution base.

Details of the study, in Cell Reports in 3 month 31 date posted. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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